Vatché: Passionate About Diamonds

Designer jewelry is usually expensive and exclusive, only available to the wealthier population that are able to spend thousands of dollars on a diamond or piece of jewelry without feeling an impact in their bank account. This is unfortunately for those who are getting married as they often want to offer their brides the very best jewelry to impress them and to mark the beginning of a new life journey. There are, however, some brands that offer designer jewelry at more affordable prices, but are still able to deliver quality piece of jewelry that is elegant, sophisticated and modern. Vatche is one particular brand that has been brining designer-level jewelry to the market without only being available to the wealthy population.

Vatché rings

Vatche Collections

Let’s start by looking at the different collections of jewelry that Vatche crafts. Their primary focus is bridal jewelry sets, which includes wedding rings and engagement rings that have been made to suit every individual customer. The brand uses high-quality diamonds stone in all of their engagement and wedding rings, and they also have a range of wedding bands for women. Furthermore, the company has two separate wide collections of jewelry for men and women. Their line of jewelry for men mostly includes wedding bands, but these particular bands would also be appropriate to be used as a fashion band for most men that like the style of Vatche’s designs. Amongst their line of jewelry for women, you will find various rings listed, which can sometimes be used as engagement rings, but these are also suitable for other occasions. Apart from their selection of rings for women, the brand also produces some additional types of jewelry, such as earrings and necklaces. They also utilize high-quality diamonds in these.


A particular element of Vatche that we found quite impressive is the fact that all of the diamonds they use in their jewelry has been officially graded by the American Gem Society. This means you will never pay more for a diamond than what it is worth, and you will receive an official certificate from the AGS with the purchase of any diamond fitted piece of jewelry from this brand.

Customer Testimonies

One of the best ways to identify the trustworthiness and quality of products from a particular jewelry brand is to read reviews and testimonies left by previous customers. This allows you to get a better understanding of the brand’s jewelry pieces and can help you decide whether or not a particular brand is right for you. When it comes to Vatche, the brand is backed by quite a large number of testimonies that are mostly positive. It seems like the majority of the customers really like the jewelry they have purchased from this brand and that the price was also perfect for most of the customers’ budgets.