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Find Out the Good, Bad, and Ugly Before Investing in Diamonds

When you purchase a diamond or anything of value, you should rely on following the advice of people who have first hand experience in the field.  Fortunately for you, I’ve spent the better part of my life as a business analyst focusing on the luxury goods market.  When you spend your entire life dissecting price points and marketing campaigns of designer brands, naturally, everyone wants to talk shop and find out the inside scoop.  I could talk Vera Wang, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton until you tell me to stop, but recently my passion has been diamonds. The topic of purchasing a diamond is more or less like investing or trading gold or diamond.

I’ve consulted more men on buying engagement rings than I could ever possibly remember. 

As a token of appreciation for helping a good friend choose a cut and color that made his now wife cry her eyes out, he agreed to have his tech company set me up with a blog website so I could “spread my wings” (his words) and help other people who are lost in the sea of information that jewelers put out there to flat out confuse you!

I’m going to hold your hand every step of the way as you find the perfect engagement ring or other piece you are seeking.  This website draws on my real life experiences and is set up with one thing in mind:  consumer safety and education.  (Okay, that’s two, but I’ve always been known as someone to under promise and over-deliver.)

In addition to reviewing every place one could imagine shopping for jewelry, diamonds, and luxury pieces, I have set aside a large education center.  You would be shocked at the number of men looking to propose that don’t know a SINGLE THING about buying diamonds in stores or online.

If that sounds like you, don’t worry…..this is why I’m here!  I have your back!  Let’s start with my quick guide for men shopping for engagement rings.

Tips for Guys About Shopping for An Engagement Ring

Emotions can run wild when you shop for an engagement ring. When it’s all said and done, she says “YES!” and you move into a beautiful home with white picket fences, the horrific and confusing experience of buying the actual ring can be forgotten in all the joy you are experiencing.

And that’s fine and dandy, but for those of you who haven’t gone down that path yet, let me offer some assistance on how you can make the entire experience as pain free as humanly possible.

1. Men – You’ll Crave Her Thoughts on the Ring

Men get to a point where they know they are going to propose, and this is when they become entirely invested (both emotionally and financially) in the process of buying the ring. As a man looking to satisfy his queen, he’ll want

Pinterest Diamond Ring
Admit it, you’ve scoured her social media looking for clues, right?

to make sure the purchase does not disappoint. This is where the man will hang onto her every word about diamonds, and even go as far as looking at her social media “Likes” and “pins” to find out of she dropped any clues on what type of ring she may want. Maybe you’ve browsed rings? Maybe she’s commented on her friends ring? All of this comes into play, and it’s a game of hide and seek as the man tries to find out how he can obtain her interests without revealing that he has a proposal up his sleeve.

2. The Old School Guys Ask for Permission

Whether you go back to grade school with your girl or just met her a few months back and have the feeling she’s “the one,” if you are the old school type to ask her parents for permission, you may be nervous. Asking her Father for permission is one of the most respected, classy things to do prior to getting hitched. It’s never easy to carve out time to do this, but if you do, it’s a great way to get his blessing and approval.

Meet the Parents movie
Make sure her Father has your blessing. Credit: Meet the Parents.

3. Speak With Your Inner Circle

When you invest this much cash in anything, you should look for advice from people who have been there. Men will want to talk to their buddies about their ring shopping experience. This is a great idea. You can get jeweler recommendations and even involve a friend or two in the experience.

Sopranos Talking
Trust your inner circle to help you through this big investment.

4. Consult Her Girlfriends

This is when you really have to see who you can trust. You don’t want any of her gals to let the cat out of the bag as to your plans. However, she may have spilled some inside information about the types of cut she wants on her diamond. Ask her girlfriends, but do it properly. Pull them aside at a social event, offer them a quick coffee, or slide into their DM’s on any social media engine. For bonus points, get them a gift certificate to their favorite spa or restaurant after she coughs up this extremely valuable information. You’ll come out a hero all around.

speaking with her girls
Speaking to her girlfriends. Trust me.

5. Your Own Interests

This is where many men get off course. They don’t like the diamond or cut that she wants. Guys, don’t be foolish. She’s wearing it, not YOU. Do you want her to be proud of the ring she has? Or do you want yourself to be proud of it? Get her what she wants, budget willing, of course.

selfish image
This isn’t the time to be selfish!

6. They are All so Similar

When you first start shopping for diamonds, you’ll be in la-la land.

“Yeah, they all look great!”

That quote is from about 90% of the men I assist. While all diamonds are very beautiful, know that you don’t have to buy the first one you see. It’s not a race, guys! Shop around, look at many, and become savvy.

best rings
Don’t buy the first ring you see, no matter how gorgeous it may be.

7. What are the Four C’s Again?

Luckily, I’ve dumbed this down on this page. Shopping for a ring is much more difficult than shopping for a new vehicle. You probably won’t feel more stressed out about any other purchase in your life. However, start learning what the 4 C’s are and know your cut, carat, clarity, and colors. When you do this, it’s a game changing experience. Study up, and you’ll have a much better time shopping.

4 c's
Just like your A, B, C’s, you must learn the 4 C’s.

8. Does Customization Equal Confusion?

Every guy is simple. They want to buy the first thing that catches their eye and get moving. This is NOT an impulse purchase (I hope not at least!) Certainly, you put a lot of thought into making the proposal to the woman you are planning on marrying, and you took a lot of time into getting to know her prior to even deciding if that was the right move. Buying the right should be a similar journey. I’ve seen so many men go the wrong direction when totally ignoring the customization route, which can sound confusing, but it’s actually not as bad as it’s made out to be. A custom diamond and setting can make a WORLD of difference, and it should not be overlooked. With the ease my recommended jeweler, James Allen, it’s a cinch. Just click that link and trust my experience here. You can create the setting and stone combination you desire, and make the engagement ring of her dreams. Just have a look, and don’t try to just power through this process, because customization, while it sounds hard, is a walk in the park.

9. Have an Open Mind about Budget

I’ve met men who set a hard budget on this purchase. While I totally adore a man who is financially disciplined, keep in mind, this is something that you want to “get right” on the first (and hopefully only) try. The odds of you finding a smoking deal on an engagement ring are slim, so be ready to have what I call a “working budget.” By this I mean tell the jeweler (or keep in mind as you browse online) your budget, and be firm, but have a workable 20% to add on top of it, just in case they try to up sell you (which the retail stores tend to do) or suggest items at a higher price point. Sure, this is a purchase that like they say “Diamonds are forever,” but let’s make sure you are still able to take your lady out for a nice dinner in the upcoming months and not skimp through life.

10. Don’t Skimp on the Proposal

So let’s just say you went through items 1-10, took my advice, and are feeling great about your ring selection. You are probably eager to get the proposal over with, right?

Most men I have consulted along the way have made remarks to me like “I got her the best ring. Proposing is going to be a breeze.”

Guys, I have news for you…..

You may be holding the best engagement ring that your future wife will love and cherish, but let’s not forget to put the cherry on top!


Marriage Proposal on Beach
Now that you have the perfect ring, all you have to do is propose!

Planning this is equally as important as selecting the ring. This is something that will never be forgotten. Come up with a solid plan, and execute it like a boss. Special shout out to my friend Tiffany for coming to my aid to provide some ideas for guys who are considering getting married and need some professional guidance.

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Whether you are planning on getting married soon, or in the distant future, it’s never too soon to start mapping out your plans.  Good luck!