Should You Buy AGS-Certified Diamonds?

diamond gemstoneBuying a diamond is not as simple as it may seem. Since there is a significant amount of money involved in such a transaction, it is essential to consider the trustworthiness and reliability of a particular jeweler before you buy from them. Then there is also the fact that thousands of people have been scammed into buying diamonds that are not worth the price the particular individuals paid for the diamonds. One particular way to verify the validity of a diamond’s value and to make sure you are not being pulled into a scam is to request a diamond’s certificate prior to your purchase. This certificate contains vital information about the quality of the diamond stone you want to purchase.

Once you obtain the diamond certificate number from the jeweler, you will notice a lot of information is printed on the certificate – all related to the quality of the diamond. At the top of the certificate you will also notice a very important element that you should always consider – this is the name of the institute that the jeweler used to grade the diamond that you want to buy. There are quite a large number of grading institutes throughout the world, but, unfortunately, many of these institutes are not accurate and some of them are very “loose” when it comes to grading a diamond. One particular company that we would like to focus on today is AGS, or the American Gem Society. This institute is rated as one of the more reliable ones when it comes to grading a diamond; thus it is often recommended to look for diamonds that have been graded by this institute.

Should You Buy Diamonds That Have Been Graded By The AGS?

agsAmongst all of the institutes that offer diamond appraisal services, the AGS (American Gem Society) and the GIA (Gemology Institute of America) are the most reputable institutes. Here we would like to focus on the former one, the American Gem Society. This institute was founded in 1934 as a way to protect consumers due to the many scams that people were often pulled into. Let’s face it – being scammed for thousands of dollars is definitely not something you want happening to you. The AGS has an official website that offers an extensive variety of information for the consumer, the wholesaler, the diamond collector and the jeweler. They have a list of AGS approved jewelers – which means individuals who would like to buy a diamond jewelry from a trustworthy source can simply log on to the AGS website, click on the “Find a Jeweler” link, enter their location and find a local jewelry store that uses the American Gem Society to grade their diamonds. Their website also contains a list of approved appraisers that can be used to grade a particular diamond.

In addition to these features, another important feature of the AGS website is the report verification tool. When you visit a local jeweler and they present you with a grading report for a particular diamond – you generally have no way of knowing whether the jewelry market report is real or fake. With the report verification tool, however, you can simply enter the report’s reference code and the diamond’s weight, and the tool will instantly tell you if the report has been uploaded to the AGS diamond grading database and whether or not the report is false.


For a diamond to be truly worth its value and selling price, it should always be accompanied by a professional certificate issued by a trustworthy institute. The American Gem Society, also known as the AGS, is one particular institute that has been providing professional diamond appraisal services by trained diamond experts since 1934. This institute has a good reputation and offers accurate grading services to jewelers, wholesalers and diamond collectors.




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