Shane Co. Diamond Review: Read This Before Purchasing

shane co diamonds logoShane Co. was founded in 1971 and became one of the largest privately owned jewelry store chains in the US. The company buys its diamonds and gems first-hand directly from cutters in Antwerp, Tel Aviv, Mumbai, and Bangkok. Today, Shane Co. has about 20 stores in 13 different states. Owners describe their company dedicated to quality, value, and customer service. Are those claims true? Can you benefit from purchasing at these jewelry stores? Keep reading to find out!

First encounter with the store

Shane Co. RingsThe feeling you have when you first encounter some store sticks with you and influences all purchasing decisions. When we visited their store, it was almost half-empty which is why several employees greeted us immediately. The jewelry was mediocre, nothing exceptional. No glitz or glamor you’d expect from a well-known store.

After we were greeted, a slick salesman remained at our service. While the salesman was polite some things he said made no sense at all. According to him, certifications aren’t important, which is by far, one of the most incredible things we’ve ever heard from jewelry store salespersons. diamond certifications are always important for both customers and jewelry stores; claiming otherwise is preposterous.

Selection of diamonds: rich or poor?

When it comes to diamonds, both in-store and online Shane Co. offers a poor selection and covers all the main shapes.

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That said, it is not just about quantity of diamonds in their offer, their quality matters too. So, does Shane Co. provide high-quality diamonds? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. This isn’t overly fair to customers. Everyone wants to buy diamonds from reputable brands but they make no effort to ensure quality of their stones meets customers’ expectations.

Certified Diamond Rings Vs Non Certified

The salesman showed four cushion cut diamonds three of which were non-certified while one had a GIA certification. Of all non-certified diamonds we saw, the best stone was a 1.00 J sI1 and although the clarity was okay, the color wouldn’t even meet the certification.

Getting K color would be a stretch, they would have been very lucky to receive it. In fact, even L color wouldn’t be such a shocker. This isn’t something you want to see at a jewelry store dubbed dedicated to quality and value.

The certified diamond was 1.01 I VS2. In all honesty, there was nothing impressive about this stone. The depth was disastrous and only made the stone seem smaller and less brilliant. If we bear in mind that this is the best diamond the salesperson showed to us, it says almost everything about the quality of offer at Shane co. In absence of other, high-quality options, we purchased the diamond for the purpose of the review.

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The Value Of Diamond

From the moment we walked through the store’s door to purchasing the diamond, nothing stood out as the impressive moment. In fact, we can describe the experience as somewhat disappointing because you always expect more from such a reputable chain.

Considering poor selection and lack of quality, it is shocking how ridiculous their jewelry price tags are. For example, the non-certified J SI1 diamond cost $4805 plus tax. In all honesty, this diamond isn’t worth that much money. The GIA-certified diamond came at a price of $6477 including tax. Still, that’s a lot of money especially if you take into consideration that quality doesn’t match the price tag.

Your hard-earned money shouldn’t be spent on outrageously expensive diamonds whose quality doesn’t justify the cost. Online-only jewelry stores are gradually and successfully revolutionizing the diamond game. Stores like the Blue Nile offer diamonds of better quality at a more affordable price. For the sake of comparison, the 1.02 I vS1 diamond from the Blue Nile has a more superior cut, better clarity, and quality for a lower price ($2725).


The entire shopping experience at Shane Co. was disappointing. One of the most successful and well-known jewelry chains in the country should be the place where high-quality diamonds are provided at prices that match their value. Our experience showed that’s not the case. Diamonds we were shown didn’t have such an amazing quality for their price tag, which doesn’t pay off to customers who want to get the best value for their money.

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