Shane Co. Diamond Review: Read This Before Purchasing

If you had been faced with a situation where you had to search for a brand from which you can buy a diamond or a piece of jewelry fitted with a diamond before, then you are already aware of the fact that it can be extremely difficult to find what you are looking for. We are faced with simply too many choices today – no matter what you are looking to buy, there are always thousands of different brands and options on the market that you need to choose from. The diamond industry is no different – there are too many brands and choices people are faced with. This is why many people are seeking an easier way to go about the process of buying a diamond or diamond jewelry.

Shane Co. Diamond Rings

Rare Carat Gives You All The Tools You Need To Find That Perfect Diamond

While it might be difficult to find the perfect diamond to fit onto the engagement ring, pendant or another piece of jewelry you wish to present a loved one with, it is important to note that various tools can make the process much easier. Rare Carat is one particularly excellent example of a tool that gives you the ability to find the perfect ring you wish to buy without having to filter through thousands of brands, and without having to browse through the diamond inventory of many different companies.

Rare Carat is a convenient online tool that is connected to a wide variety of platforms, which feeds this tool with data related to millions of diamonds available at various diamond suppliers on the internet. The Rare Carat platform allows you to enter a few details into their website, and then hit a “search” button – the platform then retrieves details from their database regarding the diamonds that are available from the brands that Rare Carat trusts, based on the particular details provided by you.

A number of customization options allow you to find the perfect diamond truly. You get to choose the particular diamond shape you are interested in, as well as filter through diamonds by price – ranging from as little as $350 to over a million dollars. Additionally, you can also specify the carat weight of the diamond you want to buy, specify a particular fluorescence value, and also decide which type of certification you wish the diamond to come with. Other features that can be customized include the table percentage and the depth percentage, as well as the polish, the pavilion angle, and the price per carat. Symmetry, height, and length can also be specified.

Some customers may be looking for a predesigned ring that they can buy – in such a case, the “Filter by Settings” option is very useful on the Rare Carat platform. Here, you can specify the price of the setting, as well as the style of the setting. Style options include solitaire, halo, side-stone, and three-stone at the moment. Customers are also able to specify the type of material they wish to be used in the setting of the ring they are buying. This may include 14K white gold, 14K yellow gold, 15K rose gold, 18K white gold, 18K yellow gold, 18k rose gold, platinum, and palladium.


Finding the perfect diamond for any given purpose is difficult. After doing some research, people find that thousands of brands promising to provide them with the best diamond on the market makes this journey hard. Rare Carat, however, has developed a solution to these problems. This platform allows you to search for virtually any type of diamond you wish to buy, based on the particular specifications you desire most.