Planning A Proposal? Consult Simon G For The Best Selection Of Engagement Rings

If you are planning to propose, then first of all, congratulations should be in order. This is an important step you are about to take, and you most certainly want to take every measure possible to ensure every single aspect of the proposal goes as planned. You first have to decide how you would like to propose and where, of course. Some people like to propose while having dinner, while others prefer a more adventurous proposal. Since the story of each couple is unique, your proposal will most likely defer from your best friend’s proposal.

Simon G ringsOne particular aspect of a proposal that is a definite requirement is an engagement ring. During the proposal, the ring is presented to the woman by the man, and the woman then has the choice to either accept or decline the proposal. On acceptance, the ring should be fitted on her finger. For this reason, you need to ensure the ring you buy a perfect engagement ring in every way – and also the right size!

There are only a few brands out there that offer a selection of engagement rings that really “speaks” to the customer. Simon G is one of the few that have been able to deliver unique products to customers, which impresses them every single time. The brand has been in business for more than 30 years and they offer a unique collection of engagement rings that are unique in such a way that allows a couple of show off their engagement in style.

The Simon G Brand

Simon G’s motto is “Your Wedding, Your Style”. Their collection of engagement and wedding rings certainly lives up to the promise of their motto, by offering a selection of simple and elegant jewelry that is perfect for any type of wedding. An aspect that makes Simon G really stand out from all of the rest is the fact that most of their wedding rings are made in sets to match each other. This is a common problem that couples have. When they shop for wedding rings, they have to buy two separate rings and are usually unable to find two that matches each other like the two individuals in the couple match together. Fortunately, Simon G accounted for this problem by developing a collection of rings that have been designed to be used together.

Apart from their matching sets of wedding rings, the brand also designs some of the most unique engagement rings we have seen thus far. They tend to take a classic approach to their styles, but mixes in some vintage and modern trends to create rings that are beautiful and impressive. Simon G also has a selection of engagement ring sets on offer, which includes both an engagement ring and a wedding band. The diamond engagement ring is added to the woman’s finger on the day of the engagement. On the day of the wedding, the wedding band is simply added to the woman’s finger and fits in perfectly with the engagement ring that was previously fitted on her finger.


When it comes to buying an engagement ring, you need to make sure you buy the perfect ring for the love of your life. Not only does the fitting need to be perfect, but you also need to consider their favorite material for the setting of the ring, and choose a diamond that will make them smile. Simon G has been the ideal brand for many couples during the past 30 years, and they still continue to impress new customers every day. This brand offers a wide selection of sophisticated engagement rings that suit even the pickiest of individuals.