Jared Jewelry Diamond Review: Why It Won’t Pay Off?

Jared the Galleria of Jewelry is one of the flagship jewelry chains whose owner is a Signet corporation, dubbed as largest specialty jewelry retailer in the US, UK, and Canada. Signet has  about 3600 stores and earns up to $6 billion annually from retailing of jewelry and other services. Jared Jewelry diamonds are described as elegant and romantic, but does it pay off to purchase there? Keep reading to find out!

Like pretty much all Signet’s stores, Jared Jewelry relies on branded diamonds primarily. To evaluate whether it can pay off to purchase their diamonds, this review will focus on two kinds they offer: Tolkowsky cut and Chosen by Jared.

Jared Jewelry Diamond

Jared Jewelry Customer service needs improvement

The quality of a store’s offer doesn’t revolve around diamonds only, but the way they treat customers. It’s logical; you don’t want to spend your money at a place where you aren’t appreciated. Unfortunately, Jared Jewelry has a lot of complaints about inadequate customer service that often puts down customers and doesn’t help them solve their issue properly. Numerous customers described it as the most humiliating experience

Tolkowsky cut review

These diamonds cuts and shape are named after Marcel Tolkowsky, a gemologist and mathematician born in Belgium. He is credited for developing symmetry for cutting diamonds in a way to achieve maximum brilliancy and sparkle. He studied diamonds and found that if the diamond is cut too shallow or too deep, light escaped from the bottom and sides, thus leading to loss of sparkle and brilliance of diamond.

When you consider Tolkowsky’s reputation it is easy to expect diamonds bearing his name will have high quality. According to the Jared Jewelers’ official website diamonds from this line are cut to the strictest proportions.

In normal circumstances diamonds of this kind have AGS certification. Different diamond certifications exist, but AGS stands as the best in the bunch. It means the diamond is superior, everything you’d want it to be. Besides AGS, some brands offer GIA-certified diamonds, which are also great.

What about Jared Jewelers?

Their diamonds are GSI-certified. If certifications were avengers, GSI would be Hawkeye or Black Widow, almost useless.

The diamond had a really nice cut, but that is probably the only nice thing about it. I was shown a GSI-certified 1.04ct H SI2 whose price was $7490. Not only is the price way too expensive but the diamond is likely to have a J color and it simply lacks in quality. Price isn’t justified in this case.

We compared it to the diamond from the Blue Nile, which is 1.01ct I VS2 GIA certified with excellent cut at a price of $4785. The cut was amazing, better than Jared Jewelry’s and with 65% lower cost.

Chosen by Jared review

Chosen by Jared diamonds had GIA certification which is improvement from Tolkowsky cut. Saleswoman showed a 1.06ct F SI1 very good cut diamond. Wonder how much it cost? Together with tax, the price of this diamond was whooping $8988.

For the purpose of the review, we compared Jared Jewelry’s Chosen by Jared to a diamond 1.00 F VS2 excellent cut from Blue Nile. This particular diamond is superior in terms of clarity, cut, and price tag. The cost of this diamond is 30% lower than Chosen by Jared, it is available for $6491.

chosen by jared


After analyzing two diamond jewellery brands from Jared Jewelry’s offer, we can conclude their quality does not match or justify the price tag. Problems with low standard certifications, poorly cut diamonds, outrageous prices make Jared Jewelry diamonds impractical choice, especially if you’re on the budget. On the other hand, online-only stores like the above-mentioned Blue Nile offer superior diamonds at lower prices and no tax.