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How Does James Allen Compare To Blue Nile

If you have been doing some research on the internet to find a trustworthy jeweler where you can buy some diamond jewelry, then you have most likely come across two particular brands – James Allen and Blue Nile. These are two of the most famous brands that are currently offering jewelry online, with both primarily focusing on jewelry that comes with a diamond equipped as the main piece, as well as additional accent diamonds in some jewelry. Both of these companies offer similar pricing structures and their features might seem very similar at first glance as well; thus making the decisionJames Allen Advantage to choose between the two of them really hard.

Since this is a common concern that people have when they are trying to decide on an online retailer to buy an engagement ring or another type of jewelry piece, we have decided to take a closer look at how James Allen and Blue Nile compare to help make the decision much easier for you. when you are looking best place to buy diamond jewelry.


The James Allen Advantage

James Allen offers a wide selection of custom jewelry. The brand tends to put a primary focus on their selection of engagement rings, but they do have other jewelry available as well. In addition to engagement rings, customers can buycustom jewelry wedding rings, as well as bracelets, necklaces and earrings from the brand. James Allen specializes in diamonds, but they also offer jewelry stone setting that comes fitted with emeralds, rubies and sapphires.

James Allen offers free local shipping in the United States, which adds additional value to a customer’s purchase. Furthermore, the company also offers free returns, which can be made by first contacting the company and then returning the product to them for a refund or a replacement, depending on what the customer qualifies for.

When it comes to the online experiences, James Allen is sometimes considered to be a little easier-to-use that some of the competitors, like Blue Nile. Their website is simple and offers an easy way to quickly find some of their best jewelry pieces. One particular area where James Allen lacks, however, is the fact that their website does not perfectly fit to any devices as we found that scrolling left and right was needed on a smaller screen.

The Blue Nile Advantage

Similar to James Allen, Blue Nile also offers a range of different jewelry stones choices. The company also put s a focus on promoting their engagement rings, with their “design your own engagement ring” feature being promoted right on their homepage. Additionally, Blue Nile also offers a collection of wedding rings, as well as other fine jewelry designers items, such as bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

Blue Nile also offers local shipping within the United States at no extra charge, as well as free returns that also allows the customer to buy risk-free, knowing that they can return their purchase if they are not completely satisfied.

Blue Nile also offers an excellent online shopping experience, but their website is much more elegant than the official James Allen online store. Blue Nile focuses on simplicity when it comes to their web store and features an extremely simple checkout process. Their latest collections can be seen directly on the front page of their website, and their website features a user account section, where customers can access their account, place new orders or even request a return on a purchased product.


Both James Allen and Blue Nile has built up reputations for themselves on the internet and, today, both of them are known as trustworthy sources to buy diamond jewelry from. With both of these brands being equally popular, people are often unsure which brand they should opt for when they buy a piece of jewelry, with engagement rings being the most popular items sold by both brands. In this guide, we looked at both of these brands and compared them to help you in your quest to deciding which brand to choose.

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