James Allen Reviews

​This page will be our JamesAllen.com review.  It’s the best place to shop for diamonds jewelry online.  (And we’ve scoured MANY diamond stores in search of the perfect online shopping experience.)

Fair Pricing
Actual Pictures of Each Diamond
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Exceptional Customer Service
Wait to See the Diamond in Person

James Allen Diamond Store Customer Reviews

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Why Choose Diamonds From JamesAllen.com?

Try Jamesalen.com instead. James Allen is a premium bridal jewelry shop that has everything made of diamonds. The online retail store was formed around 10 years ago when four creative minds brought their set of skills together and formed the biggest and best diamond store of our age. They have over 60 years of gem cutting experience which can be seen through their large inventory of diamonds displayed on the online store.

James Allen have more than 150,000 conflict free GIA and AGS graded diamonds for you to give one to your loved one. They only hold the highest quality diamond with best cuts, color and clarity. But buying a diamond jewelry online is something everyone will think twice before putting in an investment in something they have not seen through in the real world.

So why should you buy from Jamesallen.com when you know buying online can be risky? This is because of the unique business model of James Allen. They have over 150,000 diamonds with complete profile listed on each and every diamond. Every diamond available on the store has many high quality 360 images and videos that you can view before buying. This helps you check the diamond in real world details to see how much brilliance and fire the final diamond has. It makes it easier for you to buy the right diamond for your loved one.

Don’t Know Which Diamond To Purchase?

For first time buyers, this online store also features an inspirational gallery featuring hundreds of photos of real women wearing rough diamond jewelry to give you an idea about how certain diamond jewelry will look like when worn in the real world. You can view this gallery and then make a decision to purchase the best diamond of your life.


We believe James Allen to be the #1 online retailer for diamond purchases. Their extensive knowledge of diamonds coupled with exceptional customer service is unmatched by any of jeweler today.