How The Color Of A Diamond Is Graded And How It Affects The Value Of The Diamond

Diamonds are gemstones that are considered to be precious to many people. They usually come in colorless varieties that can range from a completely colorless gemstone to a stone that possesses some yellow hues. In addition to the colorless options, there are also a variety of natural colored diamonds on the market, often described as “fancy color diamonds”. The color of a diamond does not only play a part in the physical appearance of a diamond but can also have a major impact on the cost of the diamond. Thus, it is essential to educate yourself about the general diamond color chart and to know how diamond color affects its value. In this guide, we’ll tell you more about the diamond color chart, as well as how fancy color diamonds are graded when it comes to their colors.

Colorless Diamond Color Grading

diamond color grading

Fancy colorless diamonds are graded based on the amount of yellow hues they possess. The most valuable is a diamond that has absolutely no yellow hues – which means it is completely colorless in appearance. Such a diamond receives a color grade of “D”, which is the highest grade that a diamond’s color can be appointed. The color grade chart runs from D to Z – and Z, of course, is the ones that have the most significant amount of yellow hues, which also means it is the less valuable color grade in the diamond color chart. Even though Z is considered the least valuable, a lot of the higher-quality jewelry retailers prefer to only carry diamonds with a color grading between D and J – once the color grade reaches K, too many yellow tones can be observed – and this is often off-putting for customers. A diamond with a “J” color rating is considered “near colorless”. It offers exceptional value due to the lack of yellow tones and the more affordable pricing when compared to a diamond that has a “D” color rating. Still, a “J” rated diamond may exert some “warmth” tones, but still significantly less than any diamond that falls within the range between K and Z.

Fancy Color Diamond Grading

grading fancy colored diamondsYou now know how multi colorless diamonds are graded and that yellow tones in these diamonds can cause the price of the diamond to be significantly reduced. Now, let’s consider fancy color diamonds – these diamonds obviously possess hues of various colors – such as blue, green, pink or red – but, instead of the price going down, these diamonds are significantly more expensive than colorless options. This is due to the fact that the color of such a diamond is not graded in the same way in which a colorless diamond’s color is graded. Instead, the appraiser will look at the intensity and saturation of the diamond’s color. A deeper, more intense color is often considered more valuable and precious than one with lighter shades of a particular color. If secondary color hues are detected in a fancy colored diamond, then its value is also adversely affected.


Whether you wish to buy a completely rare colorless diamond, or fancy colored diamond or do not care for some yellow tones in your diamond – you need to know how these particular variants can affect the price of a diamond. In addition to affecting the value, you should also note that some colors tend to look better with certain settings than others, and that certain hues in a diamond can actually decrease the stone’s value instead of increasing its value. Proper education on the diamond color chart will help you make a wiser decision when you set out to buy a diamond.


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