Hearts on Fire Review

“The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond”. This is the tagline used by Hearts On Fire, a relatively popular company that produces a range of branded diamond products. The company is renowned for the perfection that display in their round cut diamonds, offering some of the world’s most elegant round cuts in existence, but their prices are not always attractive to every customer. Even though Hearts On Fire has quite a large number of products in their collection of branded diamond jewelry, there are some facts that people are often concerned about when it comes to buying engagement rings and other diamond jewelry from this particular brand.

Hearts on Fire

The Pros And Cons Of Buying A Hearts On Fire Diamond

To understand why some people prefer to choose another brand other than Hearts On Fire when it comes to buying a branded diamond, as well as why some actually opts for products designed by this brand, we should take a look at some of the pros and cons that this particular company has to offer their customers.

The Pros Of Hearts On Fire

Let’s start with the pros there are to buying a diamond engagement ring or another diamond-fitted piece of jewelry from Hearts On Fire. Firstly, it is important to know that this company is known to offer some of the best cuts when it comes to the brilliant round cut. Thus, if you are looking for perfection, then Hearts On Fire will most likely be your best option. Hearts On Fire also offers a wide range of diamonds that have been cut into a shape that is unique to the brand, featuring a square shape, similar to the radiant cut, but with some unique “twists” to the traditional shape.

With such a perfect cut, another benefit that people can gain from buying a branded diamond from Hearts On Fire is the fact that they are often able to opt for a diamond with a lower clarity rating, as well as a lower color grade, without sacrificing too much of the diamond’s physical appearance.

The Cons Of Hearts On Fire

While there are some pros to buying a diamond from Hearts On Fire, we should look at the numerous cons there are to buying form this brand as well. It is important for every potential customer to consider these before they opt for a product from this particular brand.

Firstly, the price of diamond jewelry produced by Hearts On Fire is often considered above-average, which means the company is most likely not for the average man looking to buy an engagement ring for the woman in his life.

Apart from the pricing of this brand, people should also take note that, since the brand tends to focus on cut quality primarily, they often do not pay as much attention to the clarity rating of the diamond or the color grade. For this reason, some authorized dealers might not be able to answer all the questions you may have regarding a potential diamond you want to buy. This means that you might be overpaying for a diamond jewelry that is not worth the asking price.


Hearts On Fire is a famous branded designer diamond jewelry company, featuring some of the best brilliant round cut diamonds that can be found. The brand’s popularity is equally matched by their prices, which are sometimes much higher than competing diamond companies. In addition to their pricing, a limited selection of their products at authorized dealers and various other factors should first be considered by individuals who are planning to buy a branded piece of diamond jewelry from this company.