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Does Kay Jewelers Replace Lost Rings?

kay jewelers boxIf you own any expensive pieces of jewelry, then there is a good chance that you often worry about the security of your jewelry. Some people prefer to keep their jewelry in a safe and only wear them on special occasions. Others, however, would like to make use of the products they have paid so much for and tend to wear the jewelry more often. When it comes to an engagement ring or wedding ring, everyday wearing really is essential. Unfortunately, these precious classic pieces of jewelry can be lost or stolen at any time, often at times when it is completely unexpected. This can be very disappointing. You certainly do not wish to lose the thousands of dollars you have spent on the jewelry. For these worrisome reasons, people often ask whether the brand they are buying from would replace a ring should it be lost or stolen. Let’s take a look at whether Kay Jewelers has such a policy in place.

With Kay Jewelers, a lifetime warranty is provided with the purchase of their diamond jewelry. Furthermore, extended service plans can also be purchased on diamond jewelry. These plans cover many things, such as ring resizing service, polishing, repairs to earrings, resetting diamonds in a ring or another piece of jewelry, and more.

kay jewelers logoEven though all of these necessities are covered, it should be noted that Kay Jewelers does not offer the customer a replacement warranty or guarantee on their jewelry should it be lost or stolen. Should a customer purchase a piece of jewelry from Kay Jewelers, regardless of the type of jewelry stones or the jewelry’s value, they would be personally responsible for its security. If the jewelry is lost or stolen, then the customer would be responsible for their loss

For a replacement plan, customers can opt for jewelry insurance, a convenient service that replaces a lost or stolen piece of jewelry for a customer. While many people think that this type of jewelry insurance cost is expensive, it is often much more affordable than most people think. Taking out jewelry insurance is quick and easy – and a person can get their brand new piece of jewelry insured the moment it arrives at their doorstep (or when they pick it up from the retailer).

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  1. If there is a lifetime warranty on all diamond purchases y when i brought my fiances engagement ring in for replacement because it had an accident and broke would they not fix or replace it?

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