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Can Verragio Rings Be Resized?

Verragio Vintage Engagement RingWe all go through some fluctuations in weight over time. If you got engaged at the age of 20, you might not weight the same by the age of 30 or 40 as you weighed back then. Excess weight in the body tends to be distributed to different parts of the body, including the fingers. When this happens, a person’s ring size may change according to new weight added to their fingers or weight reductions. Thus, it is always important to consider whether a ring can be resized in the future prior to making a purchase, especially when it comes to important rings that will provide a person with lifelong meaning, such as a matching wedding band or an engagement ring. Some of Verragio’s rings can be resized, but there are some factors that a customer need to consider when it comes to ring resizing, however.

Verragio believes in providing their customers with the most unique handmade rings and other pieces of fine jewelry that can be found on the market. For this reason, a person may be interested to know whether or not they would be able to resize such a ring they purchase from this brand at a later date – since the ring is so unique and they might not be able to obtain the same ring in a different stage at a later age.

verragio engagement ringThe good news is, many of the manufactured diamond rings by Verragio can be resized later on to adjust with changes to a customer’s ring size. Ring sizing in general does, however, come with some negative factors that a person also need to take into account when they consider having they’re getting a ring resized or asking whether a particular ring can be resized.

When a ring is resized, a piece of the metal is cut open. Changes are then made accordingly and the two loose ends are then joint back together. The most significant disadvantage when it comes to adjust ring size is the fact that the location where the loose ends are joint together usually leaves a weak spot in the ring. Thus, while some of the brand’s rings can be resized, a customer should also take note of the fact that resizing the ring might make it less durable and more likely to break.

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