Ideas on Places Where You Should Propose

Now that you found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and have not only purchased a ring, but also come up with the ideal words to say as you get down on bended knee, and the last thing you need to do is to find the right place to ask the big question. You need to discover the perfect venue when proposing to your significant other as you ask for their hand in marriage.

I’m not trying to put too much pressure on you, but you want to have an engagement story for the ages – something that you share with family members and friends and even strangers for many years to come – so choosing the right location to ask for your significant other’s hand in marriage is something that you have to get right. Otherwise your story isn’t going to have the powerful impact that you want it to.

Ideas on Proposing
With that said, I’ll take a look at the best places to propose when you’re about to get married.

The List of the Best Places You Should Consider Proposing At

#1:  Do You and Your Spouse Have a Dream Wedding Venue?

If you and your spouse have an ideal location for your wedding and have been dreaming about getting married in this place for a long time, then this is the place you should go to propose to your better half.

This place has to be extra special if your proposal is going to have a major, lasting impact. Your better half must’ve been thinking about getting married in this spot for a long time. They dreamed about the wedding cake, the flowers, and the look and feel of the beautiful dresses to wear to a wedding, and everything else that goes along with a beautiful wedding.

If your mate and future spouse really loves this place and can envision it as the ideal wedding location, you’ve got the perfect place to pop the big question. Plus, you’ll give them the opportunity to get used to saying yes to you in this spot.

#2:  Do You Have a Favorite Place to Go on Dates?

If you and your significant other have a favorite date spot – the kind of place you go to regularly because you love it so much – then it makes sense to pop the question here. You obviously know your better half likes beautiful wedding venues. You know it’s an important place to you as a couple. So it obviously makes sense to ask the big question here because of its significance to your relationship.

#3:  Do You Remember Where You First Told Your Better Half You Love Them?

#4:   An Important Place in Your Significant Other’s Childhood

As you propose to your significant other, it’s best to think of a location that will make them feel special, loved, and wanted. An easy way to accomplish this is to choose a location that’s incredibly important to your significant other from their childhood.

As an example, let’s say your better half grew up in a happy home. They really loved growing up in this home and it has a lot of significance to them.

If your better half’s parents still own this place, you can ask them to let you come for a visit and let them know about the proposal so they aren’t completely surprised. Figure out a way to get your better half there without being suspicious, and while you are at the happy home from their childhood you should pop the question.

This proposal location will have major significance and your better half will be excited that you thought of them so much that you decided to bring them to their childhood home to ask for their hand in marriage.

#5:  Propose at Their Job

This might not seem like the most romantic location, but it could be if your better half really loves their place of work. Plus, by proposing at their job, you are asking them to marry you in a public setting, which is always nice because it lets other important people in your life enjoy the moment as well.

#6:  Proposing at School

If you met your better half at school, and even dated during college, you should take a trip to your alma mater because this place obviously has a lot of significance to your relationship. Figure out a romantic spot on campus and propose to your better half.

By going this route, you will bring back many memories of when you first started dating and your better half will love you all the more for it.

#7:  Propose Where You First Met Each Other

Have you known your significant other for a long time? If so, think back to the place where you first met. This will be a great place to propose to somebody you care about so much.

On the other hand, it really doesn’t matter if you’ve known your spouse for 10 years or 10 weeks, choosing the location where you first met is always a good place to go to propose to another person. It reminds them of the time when you first got together, which is often a very happy time in a couple’s life. So choosing this location is going to make it easier than ever for your better half to say yes to the big marriage proposal question.

#8:  Propose Where You First Lived with One Another

Back in the day, this was impossible because couples wouldn’t live together until they first got married. But in the modern day and age, many couples move in together years before they finally tie the knot.

If you and your significant other are in this situation, you could always take this person back to the place where you first moved in with one another. Obviously, this location will have many great memories and it’s an excellent place to go to propose to your better half.

Not only is this place filled with great memories from the past, but by proposing here you are creating a great memory in the present. Your girlfriend or boyfriend will eat it up and love that you decided to propose to them from this location.

#9:  Choose a Beautiful Place Out in Nature

Does your significant other love waterfalls? Or walks on the beach? Or hiking through the woods? If you are proposing to an outdoorsy type, it would be wise to propose to them in a beautiful, natural, outdoor setting. They will absolutely love this proposal ideas location and have a hard time saying no because you spent so much time thinking it through.

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If you’re having a hard time figuring out a place to propose to your better half, please use one of the suggestions I’ve shared with you today.