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Are Tacori Rings Real Diamonds?

tacori pear shape ringWhile a diamond may be a girl’s best friend, a fake diamond surely is no one’s friend – and a complete waste of money. Thousands of people have fallen victim to the fake diamond scams. Sometimes a person would buy a diamond from a “source” they found either online or in their local area, transfer the money and never receive the diamond. Other times, they might be presented with a real diamond, but, upon purchase, the diamond is exchanged for a fake stone that only looks like a real diamond stone. Those who are unaware of how to identify a real diamond are also often the victim of scams where a fake diamond is presented to them and they unknowingly buy this fake diamond, thinking that it is real. This is why so many people turn toward more trusted brands, such as Tacori, when they are in search of real diamonds.

Even though some online luxury fashion brands, as well as some brands that offer their jewelry in local jewelry stores, are not trustworthy, people should know that there are many diamond jewelry retailers that are trustworthy and that will not scam a person into buying a fake diamond. Tacori is one of these retailers who will never offer their customers a fake diamond, since they put such an effort into ensuring each and every diamond they use in their jewelry are of the best quality they are able to find on the market at any given time.

tacori diamond engagment ringTacori is a brand that specializes in hand crafted jewelry. The brand has employed hundreds of aspiring artists in the jewelry design industry to handcraft some of the most exquisite, original and top quality jewelry pieces in the world. They are situated in California and only utilized real diamonds in every single piece of jewelry they design and manufacture.

When it comes to verifying whether a diamond offered by Tacori is, indeed, real or fake, a customer can simply request the company send them the diamond grading certificate of a diamond they are interested in buying from the company. The customer can then enter the report’s reference number at a report verification tool to ensure the diamond was officially appraised by a gemologist from the institute mentioned on the report.

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