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Are Kay Jewelers Diamonds Real?

kay jeweler siver aquamarine ringIn just the last ten years, the world has welcomed hundreds of new brands in the jewelry industry. Some of these new brands have started to operate in local areas and quickly gained the ability to expand nationwide or, in some cases, even worldwide. Others have chosen to save costs by focusing on providing their selection of jewelry on the internet; thus allowing them to offer their jewelry at lower costs. Unfortunately, just as there are many jewelry brands, the internet and even some local newspapers also report of many scams in this industry; thus people often do not know which brands are “real” and trustworthy, and which ones they should completely avoid. In this article, we want to answer the question as to whether Kay Jewelers is a real brand or one that should be avoided due to a risk of being scammed.

We should note that Kay Jewelers is part of a much bigger brand that owns quite a large number of companies. The “mother” brand is known as Signet, or Signet Jewelers Limited. Signet Jewelers Limited has around 3600 stores in total. In addition to owning the Kay Jewelers brand, Signet Jewelers Limited is also the owner of other brands like Ernest Jones, Zales, Peoples and Piercing Pagoda, H.Samuel and Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry.

The reason we have shared the information about the “mother” brand of Kay Jewelers is because this data should provide an adequate amount of evidence that Kay Jewelers is a real brand. The brand is part of a company that owns over 3600 stores. Furthermore, Kay Jewelers have also become one of the most recognized brands in the jewelry business industry in numerous countries, including the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

kay jewelers princess cut diamond engagment rinngKay Jewelers offers in a large variety of products, including diamonds. When it comes to whether their diamonds are real or not – a customer should take not of the information provided on the product page of the fine jewelry piece they are interested in. The product page will provide information about whether the product in question is fitted with a real diamond and, if so, a certificate can be requested to obtain information about the quality of the particular diamond.

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