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Are James Allen Diamonds Real?

diamond ringA simple search on Google or any other major search engine and you can instantly find hundreds of reports about people who have been scammed into choosing fake engagement rings that look real. These people often paid a significant amount of money, but were either given a fake diamond or were never sent the diamond they purchased. These scams are especially popular on the internet, and can be very depressing since diamonds are one of the most expensive assets a person can buy. James Allen has a record for providing high-quality diamond jewelry at relatively affordable prices. Let’s discuss how you can determine the authenticity of a James Allen diamond.

With the purchase of a James Allen diamond, the customer is given a certificate to proof the validity of the diamond, as well as to ensure the customer knows that they paid a reasonable price for the particular diamond they have purchased. The certificate provided to the customer will be issued by one of the most trusted gemological laboratories in the United States. This may include an AGS (American Gem Society) or GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certificate.

The certificate will offer the customer in-depth details about the diamond stone. This will include the precise carat weight of the diamond, which can be compared to the carat weight declared by James Allen. The diamond’s cut quality, color rating and clarity grade will engagement riingalso be specified on this particular certificate. Once again, the details provided on the certificate can be compared to the details specified by James Allen.

Since the certificate may not proof much to certain clients, there is a way to verify whether the certificate provided to the client with the purchase of a diamond is valid and corresponds to the particular diamond in question. The process is relatively easy. The customer simply needs to visit the website of the gemological institute that issued the certificate. Here, they can follow the appropriate link to find the “Verify Certificate” tool.

The “Verify Certificate” tool that can be found on these websites allow a diamond ring holder to enter the certificate number that was provided to them. The tool will then look at the gemological institute’s database to determine whether or not the certificate is valid or fake.

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