Adiamor Review: Should You Buy From This Brand?

An engagement ring might just be the most precious item that you will ever present to the one you love. You wish to spend your entire life with her, and you want to show that in style. In today’s market, most companies offer a selection of pre-designed engagement rings, claiming that the purpose of pre-designing these rings is for your convenience. You live a busy life, which means you do not have the time to consider hiring an expert designer, along with a team of artisans and jewelry experts, to produce a custom engagement ring. Unfortunately, when you buy a predesigned ring, there is always the small chance your fiancé could end up matching the ring with one of her friends – this would surely not impress her.

Adiamor Review

Adiamor is a relatively small company that focuses on a range of different fine jewelry, with a prime focus on engagement rings. What makes this company so unique is the fact that they specialize in personalization of their jewelry. They have even incorporated their passion for uniqueness into their motto: “You design it, we build it.” Let’s take a look at what this brand offers, and whether you should consider buying from them.

The Adiamor Brand

Adiamor is a company that is situated in Los Angeles. They have been in business for almost three decades (26 years to be exact) and have been offering their services to thousands of clients over the past few years. The company has gained a good reputation for offering their clients the ability to present their loved ones with unique jewelry pieces that can be viewed as a token of their love and appreciation. This is what makes Adiamor one of the most preferred brands when it comes to buying an engagement ring.

How Adiamor Operates

While the idea that Adiamor focuses on providing their clients with unique pieces of jewelry that are designed by the customer, it should be noted that the company has gone the extra mile to ensure the entire process is as easy and simple as possible for the client. You simply present them with what you have in mind, and they will make you a unique ring, earring or whatever it is you want them to make for you. You can choose to draw a design for them, which they can work from, or present a few ideas to them. You can even work with one of the diamond experts employed at Adiamor – this is very helpful if you are not particularly good at drawing or do not possess that “creative gene.”

For those who are in a hurry or do not wish to have a unique piece of jewelry made, the brand does provide a number of predesigned options for customers who prefer to choose from a selection of products that have already been designed and manufactured.

What Adiamor Offers You

The fact that Adiamor allows the client to design their own pieces of jewelry is, without a doubt, the best advantage offered by the brand, but there are some additional features you should be aware of. A 30-day return policy gives you the ability to return any jewelry you buy from the brand within 30 days if you are unsatisfied. You also get up to 90 days to have the company resize any jewelry, should resizing be required, and the free worldwide FedEx shipping offered by Adiamor can save you a significant amount of money on delivery fees.


A personalized engagement ring is a perfect way to tell the one you love that you appreciate them and consider your relationship to be truly unique. Adiamor offers customers the ability to design their own rings but also presents a selection of jewelry that has been designed by their jewelry designers. The brand provides a number of convenient services and features that often makes them stand out amongst the rest.