Yadav Gives You High-Quality Diamonds With A Financing Option

Diamond jewelry is extremely expensive in the modern-day, costing thousands of dollars for a stone that is only a few millimeters in diameter. When buying jewelry, such as an engagement ring, the diamond may be the most expensive item, but additional costs are also added for the setting used in the jewelry. There is also the fact that you need to account for shipping fees, and there is a large possibility that import duties and taxes will be added to the order when buying from an online brand.

Yadav Diamonds

For many people, these costs make it very difficult for them to buy the perfect engagement ring to propose to someone they love. Fortunately, there are some alternative options available, and financing is surely one of the most useful alternatives. Yadav Jewelry features a range of jewelry options for individuals looking to propose, as well as for those in search of fine jewelry. This brand also features a financing program that gives you the ability to get your engagement ring now and only pays later.

The Yadav Jewelry Brand

The Yadav Jewelry brand is primarily based on the internet. The primary purpose of this brand is to provide individuals from all over the world the ability to buy virtually any type of jewelry they desire and have it delivered to their doorstep, with no problems faced in the process. The brand focuses on diamonds primarily, and only source from top-suppliers in the industry. All of the diamonds offered in Yadav Jewelry’s selection of jewelry are conflict-free and ethically sourced. The pricing of their products is also affordable.

Even at an “affordable” price (when diamond jewelry prices are considered), many people will not be able to make one single payment when buying an engagement ring or another piece of jewelry from this rand. This brings us to the financing option featured by Yadav Jewelry. Financing offers any person with a relatively good credit score to purchase virtually any item without having to put down the cash upfront.

The financing program offered by Yadav Jewelry is backed by Affirm, a trusted financial service provider in the fine jewelry industry. Applying for the credit program is quick and easy, and customers are presented with an instant result that states whether or not they qualify for the credit. Upon approval, a customer is presented with a total credit that they have been qualified for. The credit can usually be utilized immediately and can be used to purchase any product on the Yadav Jewelry website.

The application process is relatively easy. Customers can visit the official Yadav Jewelry brand’s website to learn more, as well as to submit their application. The customer is presented with an easy online form, which needs to be filled with their name, surname, social security number, contact details and more. A credit check is then performed, which is followed by the result of the application. If approved, the customer is given a contract that lists the terms of the credit, as well as an amount they can shop for, the interest rates they will be charged, and the approximate monthly repayment amount they will need to pay.


Yadav Jewelry is well recognized in the diamond industry and only focuses on providing their customers with the best diamonds on the market. The brand offers a range of different jewelry types, including rings, earrings, bracelets, and pendants. Individuals who are looking for a way to afford to buy a more expensive piece of jewelry are also presented with the option to finance their purchase. Yadav Jewelry’s finance program can help you buy an engagement ring, receive it today, and pay for it over a period of several months.