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Will James Allen Negotiate?

james allen ringIt is well known that fine diamond jewelry is very expensive. In fact, most people that buy diamond-fitted jewelry are unable to afford to pay for the piece of jewelry upfront. Such a piece of jewelry can easily cost $5,000 or even more in many cases. This means that quite a large number of people would not even be able to buy such a jewelry piece with an entire month’s salary. Thus, two options are often considered by an individual looking to buy a piece of jewelry from a recognized jewelry brand, but who is unable to afford to pay the complete amount as one sum. Negotiation and the potential of financing the jewelry are the two most popular ways people gain access to such a piece of jewelry.

Financing is usually available at most recognized brands in the diamond jewelry industry. At James Allen, customers are offered numerous financing options that have been tailored to suit the needs and budget of every individual customer. Customers can thus purchase a diamond ring that they would usually not be able to afford by paying smaller installments over a period of several months. The particular options that are made available to a customer depends on a few things, such as the value of the ring they would like to purchase.

james allen ringApart from financing, many people also consider the possibility of perhaps negotiating a better price with a particular brand they want to buy a piece of jewelry from. With some brands, negotiating may be possible, but the options available with negotiation is often very limited. A brand might tell the potential customer that they are willing to negotiate a better price, but they could limit the selection of jewelry that a customer has access to when they wish to pay a lower price.

James Allen is a recognized brand in the diamond jewelry industry. This brand does not offer the potential customer the ability to negotiate a better price when they wish to purchase from them. The brand sets all of their prices prior to uploading them to their website or making them available in-store; thus the customer will be expected to pay the full amount for any particular piece of jewelry they wish to buy from this brand.

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