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Why You Should Avoid Buying Diamonds That Have Been Certified By The GSI

There are a number of organizations throughout the world that specializes in providing education about diamonds and appraisal services that allow jewelers to obtain information about the quality of a particular. While some of these companies have built a trustworthy and reliable reputation for themselves, others have not succeeded in doing this – and rather became options that people avoid when it comes to buying a diamond. Gemological Science International, or the GSI, is one particular organization that has a reputation of inaccurately grading diamonds; thus leading to jewelers that charges too much for particular diamonds that they are selling to the general public. Unfortunately, this also means that many people who are not well-educated about diamonds and the various diamond grading lab institutes that offer grading services are being ripped off.

What You Should Know About Gemological Science International


First, let’s consider who Gemological Science International is and what exactly they offer. The GSI has an official website, which can be accessed at Their website contains a lot of useful information about diamond grading systems, equipped with a blog that offers free education to visitors – be they consumers, dealers, jewelers or collectors. Their website also contains essential information about their services, such as their gem identification services and detailed information about their official diamond grading report. Furthermore, an about us page can also be found on their website, which offer additional information on how Gemological Science International came to be, as well as a brief explanation of their believes and their goals in the diamond industry.

A particular beneficial tool gsl diamond certification lookup that can be found on their website is the report verification tool. While most diamond grading organizations do offer such a feature on their websites, there are still some that do not have any means for the consumer to verify whether or not a particular report presented to them is, in fact, valid and was compiled by a professional appraiser that was certified by the particular institute. When you obtain a grading report from a jeweler with the name “Gemological Science International” printed at the top, then you can simply enter the report’s reference code and the system will instantly tell you if the report is valid or not. Should the report not be valid, you can then request a new appraisal by an institute of your choice to get an accurate (and valid) certificate for the particular diamond you wish to buy before you make a final decision.

GSI report

Now that we’ve considered some beneficial facts of Gemological Science International, we should also take a look at the reason why we do not recommend buying diamonds that come with a certificate from the GSI. The problem with this particular institute is the fact that they are not grading diamonds with the same strict rules and accuracy that some of the more popular institutes are. Instead, people often find that the grades that are appointed to the particular values of a diamond’s clarity, cut and color ratings are not as accurate as the ones appointed to a diamond by the GIA, for example. It seems like the GSI often grades one or two values higher than the actual without declaring this anywhere on their reports. This leads to an overpriced diamond that causes the consumer to lose a lot of money during a transaction whilst buying a diamond.


Even though Gemological Science International is still used by many jewelers and diamond dealers, the accuracy of their appraisal service has been proven to be ineffective; thus causing many people to pay a significant amount more for a particular stone that what it is worth. We recommend avoiding the purchase of a diamond that has been certified by the GSI, but rather to opt for a diamond certified by a more reliable organization, such as the GIA or the AGS.


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