Why An Emerald Cut Diamond May Be The Perfect Option

There is a particular diamond shape for every one of us. Some like the round shapes, but others rather enjoy the shapes with sharper corners. The shape of a diamond is often considered to be the most important aspect. It can have quite a significant impact on the diamond’s appearance and, since everyone has their own unique preferences when it comes to jewelry and fashion, the shape of a diamond can either be a compliment or an insult to a person. Today, we would like to focus on one particular shape that some people truly adore. This shape is known as the emerald cut and it is quite magnificent.

The Emerald Shape

The shape of a diamond plays a big role in how the diamond looks physically, but this isn’t the only element of the diamond that a person needs to take into account before they make a final purchase. In addition to the shape of the diamond, you also need to consider the carat weight. The carat weight of a diamond has the most considerable impact on the cost of the diamond. There are numerous points where the price of a diamond also significantly increases as the carat weight increases. For example, at one-carat, the price of a diamond peaks considerably, then once again at three carats. Consider these factors when you try to determine the carat weight you want to buy. For example, if you desire a one carat diamond, but are on a somewhat strict budget, then you should consider opting for a diamond that is slightly lighter than one carat, such as a 0.9 carat diamond. This will save you a lot of money and the size of the diamond will be very much like a one-carat diamond.

emerald diamond carat weight-chart

The carat weight of the diamond isn’t the only element that affects the price. The second most significant element is the clarity of the diamond. The less inclusions that can be detected when an appraiser places the diamond under a magnifier, the better clarity rating the diamond is given and, of course, the more the diamond will cost. Yet, many lower quality clarity ratings still look like a flawless diamond to the naked eye. Thus, it is not necessary to dig deeper into your wallet just so that you can have the word “flawless” listed on your diamond’s certificate. Instead, opt for a VVS rated diamond. In some cases, a VS would also do perfectly fine as their inclusions are still not recognizable without a special magnifier.

diamond clarity chart

Now that we have discussed two of the primary factors that affect the price of diamond per carat, let’s consider other elements that are also considered important. First, the cut rating of a diamond refers to how well the diamond was cut, as the name suggests. A ideal cut diamond like princess cut, brilliant cut diamond leads to a better sparkle, brilliance and, of course, fire. Opting for a higher quality cut is beneficial and often recommended. You can easily opt for a lower quality clarity and use the money saved there for a higher quality cut.

Lastly, let’s not forget about the color. A diamond’s color also impacts its price but, more importantly, it also affects how the diamond looks. If you opt for a lower color rating, then the diamond will contain yellow tones, which is often considered unattractive. Rather try to opt for a color rating of “J” or higher.


The emerald cut is perfect for those who enjoy an elongated shape. The cut features a rectangular shape, accompanied by straight linear facets. When you do shop for such a cut, you should consider some important facts – such as the vital facts that we discussed here in this quick overview.


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