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Who Is Brian Gavin?

brian gavinDiamond jewelry has become the traditional gift for 20th wedding anniversary to offer a partner at the anniversary and has also become the default type of jewelry to be used for a wedding. With this in mind, thousands of brands have been founded in the last few years, providing the general public with good quality diamond jewelry that satisfies the needs of both the bride and the groom. One particular brand that has gained a reputation for providing their customers with quality jewelry when it comes to engagement rings, wedding rings and many other types of jewelry is Brian Gavin. Let’s take a closer look at who Brian Gavin is, what they offer and whether they are an affordable brand to buy from.

Brian Gavin founded this brand in June 2001 and served as the executive vice-president until December 2008. Brian is a professionally trained diamond cutter, with five generations of skills passed down to him. He worked for his family owned diamond business center since a very young age and has presented numerous papers on diamond cutting, as well as how diamonds should be graded the right way, at many conferences, including the First International Diamond Cut Conference, which was held in Moscow, Russia.

brian gavin ringsToday, Brian Gavin is known as an authority in the diamond industry. The brand has grown tremendously in the past few years, being one of the very first diamond jewelry brands to offer their products on the internet. While the company has gained a reputation for their particular collection of wedding jewelry, including the brand’s wide selection of engagement rings, wedding rings and, of course, wedding bands jewelry , they have also become quite famous for their selection of fine jewelry that can be used for purposes other than an engagement or wedding.

Apart from their selection of wedding jewelry, Brian Gavin has also launched collections of earrings, pendants, bracelets and right-hand rings. Additionally, Brian Gavin also now offers custom-made jewelry for customers looking for rings, earrings and other items that are unique to them and their journey, a very convenient feature that lets a couple make their engagement and wedding jewelry as unique as their life will be together.

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