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Where Are Ritani Rings Sold?

1 carat engagement ringOnce a person has decided to purchase an engagement ring to propose, or any other type of jewelry, they have to find a brand they wish to buy from. This usually includes a series of research as they first have to identify a particular product they would like to buy – simply knowing that you wish to buy an engagement ring is quite vague as there are many different types of engagement rings to choose from. After determining which brand they would like to buy from, the person needs to find out where they can buy this particular brand’s products – it is well-known that most designer brands tend to distribute their products to a selected number of physical retailers and only a few actually have official shops that only represents the particular brand’s products. Ritani is a designer brand that ensures their custom designed jewelry are widely available at many different jewelry retailers; thus increasing a customer’s options to choose from when they would like to buy a particular product that was designed by the brand.

It should be noted that Ritani is a sophisticated brand of diamond jewelry; thus they do not distribute their jewelry to any jewelry retailers that does not seem to be trustworthy. Instead, Ritani utilizes a set of criteria that a online jewelry retailer has to meet before they are able to stock items designed by Ritani. There are, however, still hundreds of different authorized jewelers throughout the entire United States that customers can choose from when they wish to buy Ritani jewelry.

one carat diamondRitani splits their authorized jewelers into two categories. The first being standard authorized jewelers and the second being particular jewelry retailers that have also been awarded the addition of providing the customer with a free in-store preview of diamonds, engagement rings and other types of jewelry that has been designed by the Ritani brand. Thus, if a particular customer first wishes to see what they are going to buy or have a fitting, then they should visit one of these stores.

In addition to offering their jewelry at numerous physical fashion jewelry retailers, Ritani also has an online store that offers all of their products, including over 75,000 loose diamonds for sale, which can be purchased loose or chosen to be fitted into jewelry, which can also be done by Ritani.


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