What You Should Know About The Marquise Cut

marquise cutFinding the perfect cut diamond is never an easy task. There is a lot of questions that need to be asked when a person wants to buy a diamond. Before you can set out to look for a diamond though, certain features need to be decided first. These features will help make the task of finding that one perfect diamond much easier and, of course, faster. Since diamonds can be used for numerous purposes, the first feature that needs to be decided on is the use for the particular diamond. When it comes to an engagement ring, a particular choice that plays a vital impact on the physical appearance of the ring is the diamond body shape that you choose. Choosing the particular diamond shape you would like to shop for will help make the process of finding a diamond much more convenient.

There are a considerable amount of diamond shapes to choose from, each with its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Similarly, each diamond shape has certain aspects that need to be focused on more than others, and each shape is unique in its own way, of course. In this post, we’d like to focus on a particular shape that is very popular in engagement rings. This is the marquise shape, often also called the marquise cut.


Options That You Should Consider When Buying A Marquise Cut Diamond

4cs diamondInstead of giving you a history lesson on the marquise cut ring, we would rather like to focus on a different aspect of the marquise shaped diamond in this post – the particular options that you will be prompted with when you want to buy an engagement ring that has such a diamond. The option that will have the most significant impact on the diamond’s price, as well as a considerable effect on the physical appearance of the diamond, is the carat weight. Carat weight is a special weight measurement system that is used to weigh a diamond. Every one carat of weight is equal to 200 milligrams. Carat weight plays quite a big part in how much a diamond cost. There are certain points where the price of a diamond spikes significantly – this includes one carat in weight, as well as three carats and five carats in weight. Thus, the first option you should decide on is the approximate carat weight you would like to opt for.

Even though the carat weight is an important option to decide on, it is not the only option that will make an impact. You will also need to consider the other three options that are part of the standard diamond grading system. This includes the cut quality of the diamond, a rating that refers to how well the diamond was originally cut. A better cut equals a better brilliance and sparkle, which is something you would want to opt for if you are looking to buy an impressive stone. The clarity rating of the diamond is also important and refers to the amount of inclusions that can be observed with or without a special magnification tool used by diamond appraisers. Lastly, the color grade of the diamond will tell you if the diamond has yellow hues that can be observed with or without the same magnification tool.


The marquise cut is a fancy cut that has numerous characteristics that make it an exceptionally good choice for an engagement ring. The cut was originally developed for a king in France and, even today, continues to be associated with royalty. If you decide to purchase a marquise diamond, then be sure to follow the guide we’ve provided here to ensure you choose the right options, including cut quality, color grade and clarity.



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