What You Need To Know About Purple Diamonds

purple diamond stone

Colored diamonds, or fancy diamonds as they are sometimes called, are a group of diamonds that are not classified within the standard colorless diamond’s chart. While a colorless diamond’s color can be graded from D to Z, with D being a completely colorless diamond and a Z being a diamond with more yellow tones, fancy colored diamonds are not classified in the same way. They do, however, still get graded based on the intensity of their color and the quality of their color. In this post, we would like to introduce you to a relatively rare fancy diamond color – purple. Purple diamonds are becoming quite popular amongst diamond lovers, but there are some things you should know before you buy such a diamond precious stone.

Colored Diamonds

If you have every looked at buying a diamond, there is a good chance that you were mainly prompted with colorless diamonds. While the colorless diamonds are more common, a large variety of colored diamonds has also been discovered – including a purple diamond. Purple diamonds are not as rare and not as highly priced as some of the other colored diamonds, which means they might be the perfect option if you are looking to buy a fancy colored diamond without spending a fortune. There are, however, some purple diamonds that can cost quite a lot – Forbes report that a recently discovered purple orchid diamond was sold for $4 million, which calculated to $1.2 million per carat weight – this is MUCH more than the average cost per carat weight for most other diamonds.

Why Are Some Diamonds Purple?

When diamonds are formed, impurities with the combination of compounds that are contained within the diamond can occur, which often results in a certain color – depending on which compound the diamond contains in excess amounts. When it comes to purple, hydrogen is what causes the purple hue in the diamond. The particular way the diamond is formed also has an effect on the color, as well as the intensity level of the purple hues.

Purple Diamond Colors

Simply referring to a “purple” diamond will not narrow your options down when you are trying to purchase a diamond. This is because not all purple diamonds are actually completely purple – many of these diamonds are available with a secondary color, for example a grayish purple diamond, a pink purple diamond and a pinkish purple diamond. Knowing the difference between these can save you a great deal of trouble when you set out to buy a purple diamonds. Apart from the secondary colors, you also need to consider the fact the color intensity may vary significantly from one purple diamond to another. These diamonds are usually available in the following intensity levels:

purple diamond intensity

  • Light
  • Fancy Light
  • Fancy
  • Fancy Intense
  • Fancy Vivid
  • Fancy Deep

Obtaining a pure purple diamond can be very difficult. In fact, the majority of purple diamonds have a secondary color and some diamond experts have never even sold a pure purple diamond to a customer before. Thus, if you are looking to buy a purple diamond, be prepared for the fact that you may not be able to find a purple diamond that does not have a secondary color. If you do manage to find such a diamond, then you should also be prepared to pay a significant amount as, due to the fact that they are extremely most expensive diamond, they will cost a lot of money.


Purple diamonds are becoming very popular. These diamonds are considered to be very fancy and they can only be found at a few mining sources. The diamonds are often much more expensive than colorless diamonds; thus making it vital to know about how they are graded and how you should go about buying a purple diamond. Simply follow the guidance we have shared here to help you decide whether or not you should opt for a purple diamond.



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