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Marriage Proposal Ideas

There are many different ways to propose to someone. As you can imagine, some ways are going to be more romantic than others proposal idea. Some are going to be more outrageous than others. And some will be much more unexpected than others.

Today we’re going to focus on romantic ways to propose to your significant other. Although other options might be more memorable, it makes sense to choose a romantic proposal because your future spouse wants to feel loved, appreciated, and respected. With this type of unique wedding proposal idea, your better half will feel all of these things and much more.

Without further interruption, let’s take a look at some of the best ways to propose to your better half and make the moment wonderfully romantic at the same time.

  1. Public Proposal in the Park

In this scenario, we recommend taking your fiancé-to-be to the park for a picnic or just a walk to enjoy the scenery andromantic proposal idea atmosphere. The public part of the idea for proposal should be impressive enough, but we think you can do better. In fact, we want to show you how to take it a step further.

You see, you aren’t just going to pop the question in public while down on bended knee, you are going to do it to live music! That’s right. To make this moment extra special, you’ll need to hire a live band to perform your significant other’s favourite love song.

By proposing to live music, you’ll really catch your better half off guard, but in a good way. You should be confident that this person is going to say yes, because a live band will draw a crowd, so a rejection will be especially painful. Keep that in mind.

  1. Hire a Skywriter

Hiring a skywriter is a phenomenal way to propose to your better half. By choosing this method, you can propose in a very public way while making a special event of the situation.

How can you turn this into a special event? Well, for starters you can take your significant other to a special place that both of you share. Tell them you are feeling sentimental and you’d like to recreate an experience.

Maybe take them to the location of your first date or the place where you first met. Once there time it perfectly so they can see your skywritten proposal, get down on bended knee, and pop the question.

  1. Take Out a Full Page Newspaper Ad

This might not be the best idea if you better half don’t read the paper regularly. If not, do they have a blog or website they frequent every day? Contact t

PageSpeedhe blog owner and see if they’ll put your proposal on the home page. If not, maybe they’d be willing to make a post about it.

This proposal will come as a huge shock to the person you’re dating. They’ll love it because it shows you spent time thinking about the idea and it proves you really care.


Feel free to use these romantic proposal ideas sooner rather than later. People really seem to love them.



Based out of New York, Tiffany has been a full service event planner who specializes in destination weddings for 12 years. Her network of contacts in the travel industry coupled with providing a hands on experience during all facets of weddings makes her a perfect contributor to our website.