Verragio Features Engagement Rings That Are Nothing Like You’ve Seen Before

An engagement and wedding are two events that you should be proud of, and every single aspect of these events should also be done in such a way that you can be proud of every single moment. Prior to the wedding, the engagement needs to take place and the tradition has always been to present the lady with an engagement ring that will knock her off her feet. On the day of the wedding, a wedding ring should be placed on the bride’s finger that marks the couple’s beginning of a brand new life together. Unfortunately, with so many rings being produced, it is hard to come by a truly unique brand that can offer you something that is different from the rest. Fortunately, we found Verragio – a brand that designs engagement rings, wedding rings and other forms of vintage fine jewelry with differences that can most certainly be noticed.

Verragio rings

How Verragio Came To Be

Barry Varragio is the original founder of this truly unique brand of fine jewelry. He started out his career in the jewelry industry when he was only 14 years old, at which time he was an apprentice for an expert in the making of jewelry. Barry was able to use his creative skills to quickly become a master at designing jewelry, from the simplest of designs to the more complex and intrigued styles. He discovered his passion for designing jewelry that was different from the rest and completed a certification at the Fashion Institute of Technology, where he learned more about jewelry making and designing to help him further improve his creative skills. Maurice Galley was one of the top instructors who, at that time, provided lectures to Barry Varragio. Soon, Barry started to make his own jewelry store and this all led to the founding of the Verragio brand of jewelry – a brand that expresses the unique creativity of one person who intended to create a line of jewelry that will help couples get a unique start to their journey together.

The Verragio Line Of Engagement Rings

To understand what makes Verragio different from the rest, it is essential to observe their beautiful pieces of jewelry, handcrafted and custom designed. Their most popular lines of diamond engagement rings include the Insignia collection, which primarily consists of jewelry that utilizes white gold and platinum for its settings, as well as their Parisian collection, the Venetian collection and, of course, their Couture collection, featuring rings that consist of different colored settings, a diamond on top and diamond accents running through the sides. Verragio doesn’t only cater towards the bride, but also designs some magnificent bands for the groom, ranging from simple designs to more intriguing styles that will surely make the boys jealous.

For those of you who prefer something more personal and unique to your own story, Verragio allows their customers to personalize certain aspects of their rings. The lace, wraps, beading and shanks of their rings can be customized in a way that speaks to the buyer and makes them proud to own something that no one else in the entire world owns. While most brands tend to charge ridiculously high fees for customized engagement rings, Verragio offers this particular services at a very reasonable price, making it available to the majority of their customers.


Verragio is quite a unique brand, with the owner starting his career in the jewelry design industry at a very young age. Today, the brand is recognized as unique and sought-after, offering fine jewelry that sets them aside from any other brand on the market today. Their jewelry is worn by thousands of people and adored by every single buyer.