Tradition Meets Modern Luxury At Michael M

Every person has their own unique sense of fashion. While one person may enjoy wearing dresses, another may prefer jeans over dresses and skirts. The same goes for jewelry. Some people enjoy wearing golden jewelry, while others despise the yellow gold color and rather prefers to opt for a white gold or platinum metal setting when choosing jewelry. Then there are also those people that prefer to be different and opt for the latest craze – being the rose gold setting. Whatever your setting, one thing is certainly clear – all jewelry cost a lot of money these days and only a few jewelry designers are able to truly bring about new innovations to the world, especially when it comes to diamond jewelry. If you look at the current trends in diamond jewelry, it’s like seeing the same designs being showcased over-and-over again.

Michael M rings

The Michael M Collection is a particular brand that sets it self aside from these everyday trends, and falls within the small category of famous jewelry designers that are able to still bring about a certain spark to the world of diamond jewelry. The brand has gained a reputation for designing sophisticated engagement rings and other forms of diamond jewelry that takes the traditional approach to classic jewelry designing and combines it with the idea of modern luxury. The brand is recognized as a designer diamond jewelry brand that bends the traditions to bring about unique pieces of fine jewelry that will impress any person – be it the bride, the groom or even the mother-in-law.

The Michael M Collection

First of all, it is important to note that every single piece of jewelry, be it an engagement ring, a wedding ring or a piece of fashion jewelry, that is part of the Michael M Collection has been handcrafted in the brand’s official studio, which can be found in Los Angeles. This already sets this brand apart from many others since the majority of brands today relies on the assistance of machines to help them mass produce jewelry – even some of the more expensive diamond jewelry we see today have been mass produced in such a way. By handcrafting every single piece of jewelry, the Michael M Collection is able to guarantee perfection, sophistication and a luxurious finish.

While their products are not sold on their official website, Michael M branded jewelry can be found at numerous locations throughout the United States. While their studio is located in Los Angeles, you can find retailers that stocks their branded jewelry in Los Angeles, of course, as well as San Diego, Denver, Austin, Dallas, Kansas, Houston, Monterrey, San Francisco, Sacramento, Reno, Las Vegas and more. A visit to their Retailer Locator gets you an instant result on your closest retailer.

While the Michael M Collection primarily specializes in the designing of unique, sophisticated and luxurious engagement rings, they also offer a series of other jewelry that can be worn for other occasions. These jewelry are called their “best fashion jewelry” line and includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets and even a line of fashion rings that can be used for purposes other than an engagement or wedding.


While many brands tend to take the old traditions of jewelry designing too seriously; thus resulting in pieces of diamond jewelry that tend to mimic the same features, the Michael M Collection takes a different approach to the entire traditional jewelry craze. Instead of solely relying on the traditional designs of diamond jewelry, with engagement rings being the prime choice, this brand bends the rules and mixes traditions with modern luxuries to bring unique pieces of fine jewelry to the market that has never been seen before.