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Rated our top online jeweler for many, many reasons, we continue to received email from readers who bought their engagement ring from them and had a wonderful experience. In 10+ years of being in the diamond industry, I’ve never heard more positive feedback about any other jeweler. You can read out full review and case study on their diamonds here.


For the utmost in quality, information, expert guidance, do yourself a favor and check out Whiteflash.  With their signature A CUT ABOVE® super ideal brand and other categories of in-stock AGS Ideal and GIA Triple EX diamonds, and their top flight portfolio of designer brands like Tacori, Verragio, Simon G, A. Jaffe, Danhov, Vatche and Ritani, you are sure to find the ultimate engagement ring at Whiteflash.  And the entire shopping experience is best in industry. Check out our full review about this awesome company.

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A very popular brand due to millions of marketing dollars at work spread across radio, television ads, and many other mediums, Blue Nile is also a credible diamond jeweler you can count on. With 18 years in business and backed by a BBB rating of “A+”, Blue Nile is a popular choice among those who are looking to get that special gem that will light the rest of their lives with joy. Learn about the pros and cons of buying online from here.



A lesser known brand with a lot of flare, Brian Gavin’s team really knows the ins and outs of the diamond industry. Their true passion is diamonds, however seem to lack on the marketing aspect of their business. If you’re reading this you most likely don’t care how good or bad they are at marketing, you just care about the quality of diamond you will receive – have no fear, Brian Gavin Diamonds will not disappoint! Discover more about this brand and what our readers are saying about their experiences after they purchased their diamonds.