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Sapphire Gemstones: Should You Buy One?

Gem collecting is not only a hoSapphire Gemstone Colorsbby, but it can also be an investment. For some people, gemstones are far more than an investment or a collector’s item, but rather an accessory that helps them instantly add more life to their favorite outfits. Diamonds are considered to be one of the most popular choices when it comes to choosing the rarest type of gemstone you want to purchase, but there are three essential alternative gemstones that are also considered as precious gemstones. These alternative three options include rubies, emeralds and, of course, sapphires. We would like to give you a quick overview of star sapphire gemstones and what you should look for when buying one of these stones.

Sapphire Gemstones

Sapphires have come a long way through history, but they have always been associated with love and especially royalty. This is due to the fact that blue sapphire stones are often seen as royal blue gemstone, such as when Princess Diana received an engagement ring that was fitted with a blue sapphire from Prince Charles in 1981. The sapphire gemstone is also associated with blue in most cases, but, in reality, loose sapphire stones are not only available in blue. While blue is the most common color that you can find a sapphire in, which is also why this color has been associated with the stone, a sapphire can also be obtained in a “fancy” variety.

The GIA reports that the term “sapphire” is actually given to any variety of corundum that does not contain the color red – red corundum varieties are classified as rubies. They also report that fancy sapphires, which is sapphire stones that are not blue, come in the following colored options:

  • Violet
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple

You can also often find a sapphire stone that has a color that is situated between two of these colors. It is also important to know that some sapphires can also be obtained in colors like brown, black and gray.

Sapphire Grading Process

For a sapphire gemstone to be sold, the stone first needs to go through an extensive grading process. This process should be conducted by a trained appraiser that belongs to one of the many gemology institutes. A certificate is also issued by the appraiser after the grading process has been completed, which gives the potential buyerSapphire Blue Teardrop Gemstone peace of mind that the gem was graded by a professional and they will not be ripped off.

When a sapphire gemstone is graded, the following aspects are looked at:

  • The sapphire’s color, which does not only include the color, but also the intensity of the color. Color intensity is usually rated from light to deep. An intensely colored sapphire that does not have a too light or too dark color is often the most preferred choice.
  • The sapphire’s clarity, which is a term that refers to the amount of inclusions and blemishes the appraiser detects on and inside of the sapphire gemstone.
  • The sapphire’s cut quality – the better the cut, the better the brilliance, but also the higher the price.
  • The sapphire’s weight is also taken into account and, similar to a diamond, is weighed in carats.


If you have ever taken a look at the different kinds of stones that can be purchased in rings and other jewelry, then you’ve surely come across sapphires. Sapphires are often compared to royalty and they are also an affordable gemstone that can be fitted into a variety of jewelry pieces. If you want to buy a sapphire, then be sure to take the vital tips we’ve shared with you here into account to make a better choice. To learn more about diamonds and other fine gems, visit our home page here



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