How To Insure Your Jewelry At Lavalier Insurance

Insurance is an essential service with the high crime rates we are dealing with today. Billions of dollars’ worth of assets are stolen every year, with jewelry rated at the top of the list when it comes to looking at the particular precious items that people lose through theft. Unfortunately, people often do not know how they should insure their jewelry. While taking out insurance on their household insurance, the agents often ask the customer if they would like to insure some of their precious items separately at an additional monthly premium. The customer can then include their precious jewelry pieces separately in their household insurance policy, but people often do not realize that this often incurs higher fees that specialized insurance policies and often do not cover the entire value of the jewelry they need to have insured.

Lavalier Insurance

While there are many companies that can be contacted separate insurance policy for jewelry, Lavalier Insurance often stands out above many of the competing insurance providers due to their particular benefits that they are able to offer their customers. Amongst all their benefits, the fact that they offer a worldwide jewelry insurance service seems to stand out most as this is something that very few companies can offer.

Buying A Policy From Lavalier Insurance

People often do not know how to get their jewelry insured or where to start if they do not want to add their jewelry separately to their household insurance. With Lavalier Insurance, gaining coverage for jewelry is easier than people often think it could be. The company offers a relatively simple process of buying a policy for jewelry, and they can cover any type of expensive diamond jewelry, ranging from sophisticated pieces of jewelry, such as ruby earrings or emerald necklaces, to precious items like engagement rings and wedding rings.

To get started and buy a policy from Lavalier Insurance, start by visiting their website. Here you can find additional information about the services that this company offers, such as the average rate they charge for insurance policies and details about the type of jewelry that can be covered by their jewelry insurance policies.

Once you are ready to buy a policy from Lavalier Insurance, you need to start by requesting a jewelry insurance quotes from them. This can be done online and takes less than a minute, according to their official website – the company also claims that buying a policy takes less than 10 minutes, so this can even be done when you are in a hurry. If you are not confident about taking out insurance on the internet, then you can also call them to take out an insurance policy over the phone.

To request a quotation, visit the company’s homepage and enter your zip code. Click the “Get A Quote” button and follow the instructions provided on the company’s website. You will need to enter some information about the particular items you wish to add to your insurance policy. After entering these details, you get prompted with a quotation for your precious jewelry pieces. Once presented with a quote, you can choose to accept the quotation and buy the policy, or reject the quotation and look for more options from other jewelry insurance providers.


Insuring your precious investments can often incur a lot of monthly expenses, which may not fit into your monthly budget. The problem is, people usually do not realize how affordable insurance for their jewelry can be as they try to include their jewelry on their household insurance policy. Taking out a separate policy means you pay less and get covered for the exact amount your jewelry is valued at. Lavalier Insurance is one of the best options when looking to insure jewelry separately at an affordable rate, offering numerous benefits that many other jewelry insurance companies are unable to offer.