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The Ultimate True Love Diamond From James Allen

Hearts and arrow ringHearts and arrows is a common feature used to describe the cut quality of a diamond. The term refers to the visual representations of hearts and arrows that can be observed when a diamond is placed in a certain position. The better these features are displayed in these positions, the better the cut quality of the diamond. A diamond with a perfect representation of hearts and arrows are considered to be a perfectly cut diamond, offering the highest level of sparkle and brilliance that can be found when it comes to buying a diamond.

James Allen realizes how important the quality of a diamond’s cut is to the customer, and how much of an effect it can have on the beauty of a diamond. For this reason, they have launched a line of diamonds that offers perfect hearts and arrows, called the James Allen TrueHearts collection. In this jewelry collection, some of the world’s most perfect diamonds can be found – and customers buying a diamond on a relatively tight budget may even find something that suits their needs here.

The Options Featured By The TrueHearts Collection From James Allen

Hearts and arrow ringThe TrueHearts diamonds from James Allen can be purchased in a variety of options. When a customer decides to opt for one of these super ideal cut diamonds, they have the ability to choose between several options, such as:

  • The color grade of the diamond, which ranges from M to D.
  • The shape of the diamond, which includes the popular brilliant round cut option, as well as other options such as princess cut, heart cut, radiant cut, emerald cut, pear cut and more.
  • The clarity grade of the diamond, typically ranging from VS2 to IF.
  • The carat weight of the diamond, which start from as little as 0.05 carats and goes up to as much as 30 carats.

Customers are also able to filter through the variety of TrueHearts diamonds from James Allen based on their price. At the time of writing this post, the cheapest option in the TrueHearts collection was priced at $690, which included a 0.32-carat diamond with an H color rating and an SI2 clarity grade. Those on a larger budget are also perfectly served by this brand. The most expensive option in the TrueHearts collection at the time of writing was a 2.4-carat diamond, with a VVS1 clarity grade and a G color rating. The price of this diamond is $49,590.


The James Allen TrueHearts collection of diamonds feature some of the highest quality diamond cuts on the market, offering a perfect level of hearts and arrows. These diamonds may cost a little more than some of the other diamonds offered by the brand, but such an ideal cut diamond means a higher quality diamond with a better level of brilliance and sparkle. In this post, we discussed some of the options offered by James Allen, as well as the prices attached to these diamonds.

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