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How James Allen Financing Can Help You Afford a Ring

Insider Tip: I always, always tell my customer to go with financing just because prices of jewelry (especially engagement rings) are rather expensive. Although there are many external financing options to choose from, the easiest by far is financing straight through James Allen. There are no drawback to this service and they have GREAT rates compared to other competitor offers. You can learn more about James Allen’s financing program and offers by clicking here, and then send me a note thanking me later!

Diamonds make the best gifts for just about any occasion. No matter what kind of diamond you pick on which kind of jewelry, diamonds will really impress your partner and will win the love of her forever. But diamonds don’t come cheap. Even the smallest of these diamonds can cost in thousands which means that if you are not careful it could end up living a huge hole in your pocket while disturbing your cash flow.

You’ve decided that she is the love of your life and that you finally want to pop the question. Just as you start to plan out the perfect proposal, you realize that you still have to buy an engagement ring. You only want to give her the best, so you decide to opt for a diamond engagement ring. Just as you start browsing for the perfect diamond engagement ring, you notice that a diamond is far more expensive than what you can afford. Most people do not even earn enough money in a month to purchase even a very small diamond.

There is no need to stress, however. For individuals who are unable to afford the purchase of a diamond by putting down the entire amount upfront, there are alternative options available. The James Allen financing program is an excellent example of such a program that gives you the ability to purchase the perfect engagement ring without having to have the entire amount that the ring costs as an upfront payment. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the financing options available from James Allen, and how you can still afford to buy her that perfect engagement ring.

James Allen Financing Options

james allen engagement ringJames Allen is a trusted brand in the jewelry industry, offering customers one of the widest selections of jewelry. The brand primarily specializes in diamond jewelry, but also offer their customers a selection of precious gemstones, including rubies, emeralds and sapphires. James Allen is especially popular for their unique collection of engagement rings, with something that is suitable for everyone out there.

James Allen financing offers the perfect solution for you if you are not able to afford the amount of money that an engagement ring costs upfront. The brand has numerous options available when it comes to financing an engagement ring or any other type of jewelry they offer – the best part is, approval only takes a few minutes and customers are able to use the credit they have been approved for immediately.

When buying jewelry on finance from James Allen, a customer can choose between paying the full amount within the first six months after initiating the transaction, or rather opt to pay the amount off over a total of 24 months.

  • When a customer opts to pay the amount off in six months, they will not be charged any interest on the total amount. It should be noted that late payments and failing to pay off the amount within six months will result in interest fees being added to the total amount. Customers are also required to purchase products with a minimum value of $1,000 to qualify for this option.
  • Customers who opt for the 24-month option will be charged a 9.90% APR interest rate. The customer will be given up to 24 months to pay their order off. Late payments will result in additional charges. Customers are required to make a purchase of $2,000 or more to qualify for this option.

All of the James Allen Financing options are subject to credit approval. Credit approval is done online – customers are given the result, as well as the amount they qualify for, within a couple of minutes after they have completed an application form.


Financing is an excellent option for individuals looking to buy an engagement ring without having access to enough funds to buy the ring with cash. James Allen Financing is a trusted program that provides customers the ability to purchase jewelry, including some of the most sophisticated and unique engagement rings on the market, without having to pay the total cost of the ring upfront.

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