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Important Facts About Diamond Certificates That You Should Know

four csDiamonds cannot be mined and then simply sold. How would anyone know how much they should ask for the diamond or how much they should really pay for a particular diamond jewelry. To avoid such confusion, numerous organizations, often called laboratories or institutes, have been established to offer a grading service to jewelers, diamond collectors and other figures that require an evaluation of diamonds that they are either going to sell or buy. Since the price of diamonds is quite high, such a service has become essential. Today, we have quite a large number of these organizations. One aspect that all of these organizations have in common is the fact that they all rely on the four C’s that are used to inspect a diamond and to determine its quality – this, in turn, can then be used to calculate a more accurate and fair selling price for the particular diamond.

These organizations have professionally trained appraisers that have the ability to closely inspect diamonds under a special magnifier that is used specifically for the appraisal of a diamond. While inspecting the diamond, the appraisers will look at numerous factors, such as whether the diamond contains any cavities, inclusions or blemishes; how well the diamond has been cut; whether the diamond is completely colorless or contain hues of colors and more. They also weigh the diamond to determine its weight in carats. After this process has been conducted, the appraiser issues a certificate that should always accompany the diamond. When you, the consumer, want to buy a diamond – this diamond certificate number will provide you with essential information about the classic diamond jewelry, which will allow you to avoid being ripped off and ensure you pay for the diamond what it is worth.

Important Data On A Diamond Certificate

Once you visit a jeweler and request a diamond certificate, there are a few essential data points that you should look at before you buy the diamond. First, consider the four main qualities of the diamond and remember that many of these qualities do not only contain a fundamental rating, but also additional data that should also be taken into consideration. For example, while the “cut” grade of the diamond might be marked as “ideal”, it is important to also look at the subsectors of the “cut” grade, which should include “table %”, “depth %”, girdle size and more.

Validating A Diamond Certificate

gia diamond certificationSimply looking at the data on the certificate is not the only thing you should do before you actually proceed with the purchase. The certificate that accompanies the diamond is a simple piece of paper – something that can be falsely made up and printed on a computer. Fortunately, all of the major organizations that perform diamond appraisal service offer a certificate validation service on their website. Take a close look at the diamond certificate or report that is being presented to you – note the name of the institute provided at the top and also take down the report’s reference number. Now, do a quick Google search for the n;ame of the institution, click on their website’s result and then search for the ‘Validate a report’ function. Here, you can enter the details you acquired and validate the legitimacy of the certificate.


A diamond certificate number is an essential document that should always be requested before buying the diamond. This document contains a lot of vital facts about the diamond stone that describes its quality and beauty. The document also allows a person to accurately determine the most appropriate selling price of the diamond. When the deal offered by the jeweler seems too high, negotiating can commence or another jeweler can be visited to avoid being pulled into a scam.


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