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How to Determine if Diamonds are Real or Fake?

How many times have you wondered if diamonds you own are real or fake? Instead of doubting or constantly wondering if the stones are legit, you can simply ask an expert or do simple tests to check them out. Yes, you can determine if diamonds are legit or fake and this post will show you how to do it. Before we go on, don’t underestimate the power of experts who can identify diamonds whether you own real stones with 100% accuracy.  

Rub sandpaper against the stone

How to: Take a piece of sandpaper is start rubbing the diamond.


  • Nothing happens to the stone – REAL diamond
  • Scratches appear on the stone – FAKE diamond


Fog test

fake vs real diamondHow to: Hold the ring or just a diamond between your fingers and breathe on it. As a result, you’ll notice fog appearing on the diamond.


  • The fog disappears immediately – REAL diamond
  • It takes a few seconds for the fog to vanish – FAKE diamond

During diamond tests, real diamond effectively conducts heat and disperses heat at a fast rate.


real vs fake diamondWater test

How to: Fill ¾ of a drinking glass with water and drop the diamond.


  • The gemstone sinks – REAL diamond
  • The stone floats underneath or at the surface of the water – FAKE diamond

Real diamond sinks due to high density.

Check diamond ring’s setting and mount

How to: Take the diamond ring and look closely at the type of setting and mount.


  • Markings found on center of the right  show 14K, 18K, and 10K indicating the kind of gold, PT or Plat for platinum. Or maybe you see 950, 900, 585, 770, which are markings for gold and platinum as well – REAL diamond
  • Markings on the inside show C.Z. – FAKE diamond (C.Z. stands for cubic zirconia)


Heat it up

How to: Heat up the loose stone over a lighter or a candle for 30-40 seconds. Make sure you wear gloves and hold the diamond with pliers. Then, put the diamond into a glass filled with cold water.


  • The stone doesn’t show reaction – REAL diamond
  • The stone shatters – FAKE diamond

Newspaper test

How to: Place the diamond with its flat-side down on a newspaper page, in a text-dense area. Make sure nothing is casting a show on the stone. Through the pointed end of the diamond see if you can read the text.


  • You aren’t able to see through the stone clearly or recognize words or letters on the paper – REAL diamond
  • You’re able to read the letters of the newspaper – FAKE diamond

Dot it

How to: Take a blank sheet of paper (white of course) and place it on a flat surface. Take a pen and draw a tiny dot. Lay the diamond onto the dot, again with its flat-side down. Look down on the paper through the pointed end.


  • You can’t see the dot or a any reflection in the stone – REAL diamond
  • You see a circular reflection inside the gemstone – FAKE diamond

sparkle testSparkle test

How to: Hold the stone under a regular lamp and observe how diamond reflects the light.


  • The stone reflects light brilliantly i.e. it sparkles. The stone also reflects fire or colored light – REAL diamond
  • The stone doesn’t reflect light well – FAKE diamond



If you are wondering if diamonds you own are real or fake tests from this post can help you find out the truth. However, if you’re still in doubt the best thing to do is to find an expert who will give you an accurate answer.



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