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How To Clean Diamond Jewelry At Home?

cleaning jewelryWhile some fine pieces of jewelry are only meant to be worn during special occasions, other types of jewelry are meant to be worn on a daily basis. Excellent examples of daily jewelry include engagement rings, as well as wedding bands and rings. These items represent a marriage between two people and are rarely taken off. With continued usage, these rings can become dirty. The same goes for other types of jewelry, such as bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Dead skin cells and oil from the skin can collect on these pieces of jewelry, as well as outside factors such as dirt, sprays and more. In the end, the dirt can cause a significant amount of damage to the jewelry if the jewelry is not cleaned regularly.

In some cases when jewelry becomes dirty, professional cleaning may be necessary. In such a case, a person would have to take the jewelry to a local retailer that is able to professionally clean the items that have become dirty. This can, however, cost a lot of money, depending on where the diamond jewelry set is taken for cleaning – and whether or not regular professional cleaning was part of the jewelry’s warranty.

dishwasher soap as a jewelry cleanerWhen dirt and other particles build up on a piece of jewelry, but does not require professional cleaning particularly, a person is able to clean these items at home – but when the appropriate methods are not followed, there is always a chance that the jewelry could rather be damaged and that the diamonds may become loose during the cleaning process. For this reason, it is important for every person who owns fancy diamond jewelry to become educated on the best ways in which they can clean their items at home.

In most cases, a simple solution that mixed some warm water with a little dishwashing soap is the most appropriate way to clean wedding ring or another piece of jewelry. When using harsher chemicals in the solution, the jewelry may become damaged. It is important to first allow the jewelry to soak for approximately half an hour in the warm water and dishwashing soap solution, whereafter they can be removed and gently cleaned with a soft toothbrush to remove any remaining dirt.

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