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How The Four C’s Of Gemstone Quality Affects An Emerald

Even though diamonds are considered to be the most popular precious gemstone in the entire world, other options are also available that also offers immense beauty. Jewelry stone Emeralds are just one example of alternatives to diamonds that are also just as beautiful, but in its own way. Diamonds are usually graded based upon how colorless they are, but, similar to the color grading system of fancy diamonds, emeralds are rather graded on the amount of color they do possess. The gemstones with better color cost more than those with only faded hues of green. Still, the four C’s that are used to determine the quality and the value of a diamond plays a big part in how an emerald is graded – but each particular quality that is graded during the appraisal process has a different significance when emeralds are graded, when compared to the grading process of a diamond.

Emeralds And The Four C’s

It is already well-known that diamonds are primarily graded based on four particular qualities. These qualities, combined, are often called the four C’s of a diamond and represents the carat weight, color, clarity and the cut of the particular diamond. The truth is, this “Four C’s” grading process does not only apply to diamonds, but rather to a large variety of different gemstone types. Emeralds are just one of the many other gemstones that are also graded based upon these four primary qualities they possess. Here, we would like to focus on these four qualities and tell you which ones are most important when it comes to an emerald – and which ones are not as important.

  • Emerald Color – While the carat weight of a diamond has the most significant impact on its value, the color of an emerald has a more significant impact when it comes to determining the value and quality of this emerald gemstone. When the appraiser considers the color of an emerald, they look at three particular aspects related to color – the saturation, tone and hue of the emerald’s green color. It is, however, recommended not always to aim for the most expensive “color rating”, but rather to take your personal preference into account when choosing an emerald stone or a piece of jewelry fitted with an emerald.

emerald color

  • Emerald Clarity – In addition to color, the clarity of an emerald stone is also considered important. When you do look at the clarity of an emerald, you should understand that a mere 1% or even less of all emeralds that are extracted have a good clarity rating. Perfectly flawless royal emerald are virtually impossible to find. Thus, you should be prepared to settle for an emerald that has at least some imperfections, such as a few inclusions.

emerald clarity

  • Emerald Cut – The quality of the emerald’s cut reflects its brilliance. A better cut quality means the emerald will also reflect better. If the cut is too deep or too shallow, however, the light will escape the emerald at the wrong places; thus leading to a stone with a reduced brilliance and fire.
  • Emerald Weight – Finally, we also need to talk about the what is carat weight of an emerald but, at the same time, note that the carat weight of an emerald does not play such a significant impact on its price as a diamond’s carat weight does. Still, the carat weight of an emerald still pushes up its price at rate that should be considered when you are on a tighter budget.


Emeralds are gorgeous gemstones that can be used in any type of jewelry, be it a ring, pendant, necklace, earrings or anything else. These stones can also cost quite a lot of money as, similar to diamonds, they are also classified as precious gemstones. In this guide, we offered some vital information about the grading process of emeralds so you can know what to look for when you set out to buy such a precious gemstone – and, of course, to help you avoid paying too much for a particular stone.

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