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How Much Are Verragio Engagement Rings?

Verragio Custom Engagement RingMany people consider an engagement ring the most important part of an entire wedding. It is the ring that marks the confirmation that a couple will spend their lives together. Even though not as official as the wedding rings and bands, most people tend to spend much more money on an engagement ring since it is the very first “gift” that the groom offers the bride on their new journey together. The engagement ring is also usually fitted with a larger diamond stone at the top, whereas the wedding band usually contains no center stone so that it can fit in with the engagement ring. The pricing of engagement rings can be quite high. Here, we will take a look at how much a customer should expect to pay when buying an engagement ring from Verragio.

Since an engagement ring is such an important part of the entire wedding, a lot of people would like to go “all out” when it comes to buying this particular piece of jewelry. For this reason, a lot of men does not always consider the price they might have to pay when searching for the top quality ring they can find to present to the one they are about to propose to. Still, the price should be an important deciding factor as the man might not be able to afford all of the products that are presented to him – and this can be very disappointing when he finds a particular product, only to discover that it is far too expensive for him.

Verragio offers some of the world’s most unique designs when it comes to engagement rings. Even though their designs are very unique and provide an excellent way for a couple to mark the start of their journey together, the company tends to provide a reasonable pricing scheme for their diamond jewelry.

verragio twist shank diamond engagement ringThe pricing for Verragio engagement rings depends on the type of ring a customer wishes to buy. The cheapest ring in the engagement ring collection from Verragio costs $1,400. More expensive options are available for men who can afford higher prices. The most expensive antique ring costs $7,400. Customers do need to take note that these prices do not include the center diamond that should be placed at the top of the ring.

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