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How Much Are Tacori Wedding Bands?

Tacori Engagement RingAn engagement is an important event in the lives of two people who are planning to spend their lives together, but it is the wedding that makes the journey that these two people are starting together official. Thus, even though the engagement ring is often seen as the most important piece of jewelry concerning a wedding, the unique wedding rings should also be considered important. Just like engagement rings, wedding rings can also cost quite a lot of money; thus people often consider the prices of different popular jewelry brands before they make a final decision. Here, we will take a closer look at the jewelry pricing tags structure of Tacori wedding rings and wedding bands.

Firstly, we should note that it is far more common for a couple to decide on matching wedding bands when it comes to their wedding jewelry than wedding rings. The reason for this is because the groom proposes to the bride with an engagement ring, and both the engagement ring and the wedding ring will then go on the same finger. Thus, a wedding band is usually made in such a way to blend in with the engagement ring without making the bride’s finger look too crowded. Considering this, we will be discussing the prices of Tacori wedding bands in this article.

tacori classic collectionWhen it comes to buying wedding bands, it is important to understand that both the groom and the bride will receive a wedding band on the day of their wedding. This means that we cannot discuss the pricing of just wedding bands in general, as the rings for both genders are usually created in different ways; thus the pricing also tends to defer. It is often found that wedding bands for women are somewhat more expensive than wedding bands for men.

Tacori offers a range of different wedding bands for both men and women. Their wedding bands for women can be a little more expensive than some of their other products, with their most expensive one, part of the Tacori Vault range, reaching as much as $44,920 when the customer opts for a Titanium material. Their cheapest option is part of their Sculpted Crescent collection, and can be purchased for under $1,000. Tacori’s wedding bands for men ranges in price from around $1,670 up to $6,910.

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