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How Much Are Tacori Engagement Rings?

love engagement ringEvery couple has a unique story to tell the world, a unique journey that they share throughout life. An engagement is an event that marks the start of this journey that these two people will be sharing together. Even though an engagement is an event that is filled with love and joy, the moments prior to the proposal can be quite stressful for the man. Not only does he have to make sure everything is perfect and think of a very romantic way to propose to the woman of his dreams, he also needs to make sure he buys the best engagement ring that will mark the start of their journey together. The engagement ring needs to be beautiful, exquisite and a perfect fit for the one he is about to propose to. Unfortunately, things are not always that simple for men, especially when the prices of engagement rings in the modern world is considered. Let’s take a closer look at the pricing of Tacori rings, and discuss which particular customers this brand is suited for.

When a man would like to buy an engagement ring, he first needs to decide on a particular budget that he can spend on the ring. This particular budget will then decide the different options available for the man to choose from. Since engagement rings tend to cost a lot of money, a man would usually not be able to afford to buy such a piece of jewelry cash with a single month’s salary; thus he would have to save up for several months (sometimes even a year or two) in order to afford an engagement ring. Financing can also be utilized to help a man buy an engagement ring and then get a couple of months to pay for the engagement ring.

tacori classic collectionTacori caters toward all customers – both those who are on a very tight budget, as well as those who are looking to spend a considerable amount of money on the perfect diamond engagement ring. The most affordable engagement ring that Tacori offers is part of their “Simply Tacori” range and will cost the customer around $1,560. The prices for their engagement rings go up considerably when considering other ranges, such as the RoyalT collection by Tacori. The most expensive engagement ring in this collection would cost the customer around $26,990 – or $28,990 when they choose to have the setting of the ring in platinum instead of gold.

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