Green Diamonds: An Expert Buying Guide

By now, most people are opting for a near colorless diamond when they are buying diamond-fitted jewelry, such as an engagement ring or wedding ring. The colorless options have become the “default” in the diamond industry and are also the most commonly found (and advertised) diamonds amongst the majority of jewelers that manufacturer or sell diamond jewelry. Today, however, we would like to focus on a particular type of diamond that is not so popular but has an immense level of beauty, sparkle, and brilliance that makes it an excellent buy for any person whose budget is not causing them to limit their search to the cheap trendy jewelry options on the market. We are going to take a look at how these particular diamonds are graded and what elements of such a diamond affects its price the most.

How Rare Are Green Diamonds?

Let’s start by looking at just how rare green diamonds are. Yes, these diamonds are incredibly rare. In fact, it is considered at the top list of rare diamonds – ranking just beneath certain colors such as pink, violet, blue and, the world’s rarest diamond color of all, red. One fact that you should consider if you are looking for a green diamond is the fact that, even though these diamonds are less rare than pink, red and blue diamonds, they are often more difficult to come across. The problem here lies within the demand for green diamonds. Due to the fact that pink, blue and other rare colored diamonds are in higher demand, jewelers often prefer to source these colored diamonds and only consider sourcing a green diamond on special request.

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The Grading Process Of A Green Diamond

Just like any other diamond, a green diamond also needs to be appraised through the standard diamond grading process. During this process, a professionally trained diamond appraiser will inspect the diamond at close range under 10x magnification. When the diamond is magnified, the appraiser will take a look at whether there are any significant inclusions and blemishes that can be noticed. This will help the appraiser assign an appropriate grade to the clarity rating of the particular diamond. If no inclusions can be detected, then a Flawless grade will be given to the diamond. If blemishes are present without any inclusions, then the diamond is appointed an Internally Flawless grade. If inclusions can be observed without having the magnify the diamond, then it is given a poor clarity grade, which may include Included Grade 1, Included Grade 2 or Included Grade 3 – these diamonds are less expensive than the ones with higher ratings. All the ratings between Internally Flawless and Included refer to diamonds that do have inclusions and blemishes, but the imperfections cannot be seen by the untrained eye or without placing the diamond stone under a special magnification tool.

diamond appraisalApart from the clarity rating of the diamond, the appraiser will also inspect the quality of the diamond’s cut while they have it under 10x magnification. Several aspects are looked upon, such as the symmetry and proportions of the diamond’s cut.

Finally, the appraiser that is inspecting the diamond also needs to weigh the diamond to determine its carat weight. Then, one of the most important aspects, the color of the diamond is looked upon. While a colorless diamond is graded based on the absence of color, a green diamond’s color is graded based on the intensity of the green color hues it possesses.


Green diamonds might not the most popular kind of diamonds on the market at the moment, but these diamonds are truly magnificent when it comes to beauty and brilliance. green diamond resources are, however, much rarer than many of the other fancy colored diamonds that can be purchased today – usually because they are not in as high demand as certain fancy colors, such as pink.


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