Getting Married on an Island

This is especially appealing to people who are residing in the Northern parts of the USA, as well as Canada.  There is something very romantic benefits of getting married on an island!  The sea breeze, the tropical drinks, and the sand lapping up on your feet as you walk miles of uncharted beach territory.  I’ve helped plan dozens of beach weddings, and the following locations work very well if you are dead set on getting married on an island.

Aruba happy island

This is the sixth most visited island out of the entire Caribbean.  In Aruba, you won’t face the dangerous hurricane season since it’s location is south of the area hurricanes strike.  There are casinos, night life, as well as a lot of history to explore.


Located in Central America, this country will give you the passport stamp of Central America yet allow you to speak English!  (The other countries in Central America can not boast this claim!)  Sandy beaches, a great barrier reef, and a tropical setting make this destination a very popular one.  Plus, it’s 80 degrees all year round.

The Florida Keys

Perhaps you want to avoid the hustle bustle of South Beach, or get out of the locals ruled but tourism welcoming Fort Lauderdale.  Head down to the Florida Keys.  If you are looking for an easy trip, Islamorada is a close drive and provides all you need.  If you want more paradise, the four hour jaunt to Key West is the most Southern part of the USA.


The journey is worth it, no matter where you are flying in from.  You can choose the Big Island, Kauai, Waikiki, or Oahu and enjoy sight seeing, adventures, and miles of gorgeous beaches.  You may even see whales.

The Bahamas

If you are on the East Coast, this is an easy hop, skip, and jump from Florida.  Many flights leave Miami and Fort Lauderdale every day and you can be there in well under an hour.  Atlantis may be the best known spot to hang out for a few days, but don’t let the relative size of the Bahamas lead you to believe there is much more here to see and do.

Dominican Republic

The “DR” doesn’t get a lot of love when it comes to destination island weddings, but it sure does provide beauty and value.  There are more all-inclusive resorts here than I could possibly round up and list, so if budget is on your mind, you shouldn’t overlook a Dominican wedding.


With 635 miles of coastline, you won’t have a hard time finding a destination on the beach to get married.  There are many all inclusive resorts here to cater to all budgets.  Negril, Montego Bay, and Ocho Rios are all places worth looking into.

Costa Rica

Whether it’s beach, rain forest, or mountains you want – Costa Rica has it all.  A Costa Rica wedding can be done so many different ways depending on your desires to surf, sight see, or seek out adventure.

US Virgin Islands

If you want paradise and not have to worry about your new in laws who refuse to get a passport, look no further than the US Virgin Islands. St. Thomas offers a busy port with a lot of great duty free shopping near by.  St. John is a quick ferry ride from Red Hook in St. Thomas, and if you want to venture to see more history, you can visit St. Croix.

If you want to venture to Europe, Greece and Italy are wonderful destinations.  And of course, who would omit any list of beach weddings without Mexico, which offers many options?

We are completing a guide to what you need to have in order to get married in each destination.  Check back soon as we’ll have have available shortly!