Gabriel And Co: A Family-Owned Jewelry Brand That Delivers Jewelry For Everyone

The majority of jewelers that specializes in diamond fitted jewelry tends to design custom jewelry with the purpose of making as much money as possible out of their customer. It has become extremely rare to find a jeweler that really puts a lot of effort into designing jewelry that their customers will adore and to focus more on their customer service and what they are able to offer their clients than the amount of money they make. This often leads to jewelry that has been designed with speed and efficiency in mind, instead of precision and sophistication. Gabriel And Co are very different from these companies. This family-owned brand of diamond fitted jewelry tends to make the customer’s satisfaction their most important priority; thus leading to a carefully crafted selection of fine jewelry that is perfect for every event – be it a wedding, an engagement or a corporate event.

Gabriel And Co ring

Gabriel And Co, A Family Owned Operation That Cares About Their Customers

Gabriel And Co designs some of the most sophisticated fine jewelry in the entire United States. The company has a reputation that they uphold without any problems and they truly care about their customers. In this article, we would like to introduce you to some of their most popular items, including a selection of engagement rings that the woman in your life will love in every way.

Firstly, the company utilizes different types of diamonds, as well as different forms of settings for their engagement rings to ensure they have a selection of rings for every shopper. This means that, no matter what type of ring you are looking for, Gabriel And Co will have a particular engagement ring that you can fall in love with. For example, one of their most popular choices is Caroline engagement ring. This ring combines a 14K white gold and 14K rose gold setting, and comes fitted with a princess cut diamond engagement rings. The setting of the engagement ring styles and features a unique twisted design that is rarely seen in the jewelry industry. What’s more, this particular ring, being one of their most popular products, can be purchased for under $3,000. This is not only affordable, but also priced lower than similar rings would be priced at many of this brand’s competitors.


For those who are looking for a more unique and complex design, there is the Nova engagement ring. This particular ring features a split shank setting design that is not only extremely beautiful, but also a one-of-its-kind design. The setting is produced with 14K white gold and comes fitted with a brilliant round cut diamond. Again, the ring is available for under $3,000.


In addition to their wide selection of sophisticated engagement rings and wedding rings, the company has quite an impressive line of fine jewelry. Their necklaces, which are mostly comprised of 14k yellow gold and usually fitted with diamond accents, are particularly popular. These necklaces are also priced affordably, with most of them having a price that between $1,000 and $2,000, making them affordable for the majority of the brand’s customers.


As a family-owned business, Gabriel And Co specialize in the design of fine jewelry that can be utilized for numerous occasions. Apart from their very popular collection of wedding bands, wedding rings and, of course, engagement rings, the company also has a fine selection of necklaces, bracelets and fashion rings that offers a truly unique experience for the customer. Their jewelry are affordable and are often preferred over many competitors due to the effort this company puts into ensuring every single piece of jewelry they make are produced with precision and care.