Fancy Red Diamonds Might Be The Rarest Of Them All

red diamondsColorless diamonds have become so popular that they are now considered “old news”. Instead of opting for colorless diamonds, people are starting to like the rarer choices more – the diamonds that actually do contain some color. One problem that people face when it comes to buying fancy colored diamonds, however, is the fact that colored diamonds are often much more expensive than colorless diamonds – with yellow being an exception as these diamonds are sometimes cheaper than the fancy color options and considered to be the perfect entry point into the colored diamond industry. Today, however, we would like to talk about fancy red diamonds, which may well be the rarest colored diamond you have ever heard or read about.

Fancy Red Diamonds

Fancy Red DiamondThere are a lot of different colored diamonds. Pink, purple, green blue and more. These diamonds usually occur when an impurity happens with the compounds, such as boron and nitrogen, which are found within the diamonds. Red diamonds, however, are different from the standard colored diamonds. Unlike these diamonds that occur due to an impurity in the compounds contained within the diamond, a red diamond occurs when something goes wrong with the diamond’s atomic structure. It is considered an extremely rare deformation, which is why these diamonds are so valuable.

Shades And Color Grades

When a fancy colored diamond is graded, the appraiser looks at the intensity of the diamond’s color, as well as at the color grade. In most cases, a multi-colored diamond is not graded as “pure” when it comes to its color as many of these diamonds contain a secondary color. When a secondary color can be seen in a diamond, then it is also less valuable than a diamond with only one primary color and no secondary colors.

A red diamond can be found in three different shades – sometimes also referred to as intensity levels. These include:

  • Fancy Red
  • Intense Red
  • Vivid Red

A modifier is often present as well, which makes the color of the diamond appear less red. Many red diamonds have an orangey or brownish modifier. When a red diamond has any of these two modifiers, it also means they are considerably less valuable. A purplish modifier has also been found in red diamonds, which makes the diamond appear to have some purple hues as well. A purplish red diamond, however, is more valuable than a loose red diamond with an orange or brown modifier. A natural pure red diamond, however, is the most valuable of all these options. When a colored diamond only has a primary color, then the value of the particular diamond is much higher than when a secondary color is detected.


Since fancy red diamonds are so rare and precious gemstone, they are also one of the most expensive gemstones on the market. At any given time, there are usually only about a handful of fancy red diamonds available on the market – that is how rare these diamonds are. The Cape Town Diamond Museum reports that, on average, you won’t find a naturally red fancy diamond at a price below $100 000 – and this is for a diamond that weighs just over 0.20 carats.


Red diamonds are extremely rare and mostly so expensive that most celebrities do not even consider buying them. These diamonds have a unique and distinctive color, and they are truly magnificent. Most natural red fancy diamonds also weigh below 0.20 carat, with only a handful of exceptions now and then. These diamonds also come in different shades and intensity levels, with some of the closest matching colored diamonds being pink and purple.




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