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Does Verragio Finance?

verragio venetian collectionFor quite a large number of people, buying a piece of high-quality jewelry, such as an engagement ring fitted with a diamond, is not possible on the salary they are making. The truth is, the majority of people are living from one paycheck to the next one; thus there is little room in their budgets for making such a large expense. Luckily, many jewelry brands have implemented financing solutions into their brand to make it easier for people to afford to buy engagement rings, unique wedding rings and even other pieces of jewelry. With Verragio, a customer is not able to apply for credit directly, but it is still possible to obtain financing for a particular jewelry product design from Verragio.

Verragio’s tagline “Unlike Any Other Ring” holds true to their unique collection of jewelry. This brand tends to create new styles of jewelry that no other brand comes up with; thus making their jewelry desirable by thousands of people. Whether a person is looking to buy an engagement ring or a piece of jewelry for themselves, the brand has something unique for every one of their customers.

Even though financing has become so popular in the jewelry industry, Verragio does not mention anything about the possibility of obtaining their jewelry on credit. The reason for this is because the brand does not sell any of their jewelry on their official online store, but rather uses their website as a way to showcase the exquisite rings, bracelets, earrings and other jewelry they design.

verragio retailersWhen a customer finds a particular jewelry item they would like to purchase from Verragio, they can make use of the “Where to buy” page to find a famous jewelry store near them that stocks the item they would like to buy. There are also many third-party retailers that offer Verragio jewelry.

While Verragio does not offer any direct jewelry financing options to their potential clients, customers who do require financing in order to afford a jewelry item designed by Verragio is often still able to obtain the credit they need by opting to buy the particular item they are interested in from a third-party authorized jewelry retailer that does offer financing.

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