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Does Ritani Charge Sales Tax?

sales taxSales tax is a very important topic that needs to be discussed, especially when a person would like to buy a relatively expensive item. With a diamond in mind, sales tax can add a lot of money to a person’s order. Think about the average price of a single diamond reaching well over $6,000 in many cases, and then there is also the cost for the setting of the ring (or whatever piece of jewelry the customer is buying). Adding sales tax on jewelry to such an amount could make the product unaffordable to the customer if they have taken out credit to purchase the product, for example. Many people have wondered whether Ritani adds sales tax during their checkout process, and we decided to investigate this particular question and provide a clearer answer on the topic.

After taking a look at the official website of Ritani jewelry, it does not seem like they mention any details about charging sales tax to their customers. This seems to be quite different from some of the competing brands. There are quite a lot of brands that have headquarters situated in certain states of usa that require these brands to charge sales tax to customers when their orders are also shipped to these particular areas where the brand’s headquarters are located.

ritani ring sales taxEven though no details about sales tax is mentioned by Ritani on their official website, it is very important for customers to consider that fact that additional fees may still apply to their order. For example, if the state where the customer resides do require sales tax to be charged, then the customer might have to pay additional sales tax on diamonds during the checkout process. Furthermore, when buying products designed by Ritani from a local jewelry retailer, it is also important to check with them as different laws regarding sales tax apply to different states in the USA. Thus, while one local retailer may not charge sales tax, another might.

Lastly, we also advise our readers to be aware of the fact that customs duties are likely to be charged if their parcel is shipped to an international address not located in the United States. In such a case, the charges will be applied by the customs offices of their local country, and Ritani cannot be held liable for such charges.

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