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Does Kay Jewelers Do Military Discount?

Kay Jewelers Diamond Heart Promise RingWe all work very hard for our money, yet millions of people are living paycheck-to-paycheck, with very little money to spare and use to treat themselves or their loved ones. The price of food, gas, rent and even electricity is constantly on the rise and, unfortunately, our salaries often do not increase fast enough to keep up with the constant increase in prices of the most essential items we need for basic survival. Still, it is good to spoil yourself and your loved ones sometimes. Additionally, when you plan to propose to your partner or get married, there is always a need for that perfect engagement ring, as well as wedding bands jewelry. With a restriction on available funds, people often look for ways they can save when they buy jewelry gifts. Those in the military are often able to save by utilizing a military discount, so let’s take a look if a person can obtain a special discount from Jay Jewelers if they are part of the military.

Military discounts have become quite popular. With members of the military doing such a hard job protecting their country, many companies have implemented military discount programs to show their support and gratitude to those who serve in the military. Such a discount is now offered by many companies – even some brands who offer fashion designer jewelry have implemented a military discount program.

kay jewelers cardFor those wondering if Kay Jewelers, in particular, offer a military discount, the short answer is, unfortunately, no. Kay Jewelers does not specify any details about providing a special discount to customers who are part of the military or to the family of such a particular customer.

People in the military can still purchase jewelry gift sets from Kay Jewelers at discounted rates by simply utilizing the special offers and coupons offered by the company. The ideal method of utilizing such discounts is to visit the brand’s official website, navigate downward and to subscribe to the company’s newsletter at the appropriate location. This will ensure the customer does not miss out on any promotional offers or coupons that are provided exclusively to subscribers of Kay Jewelers.

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