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Does Kay Jewelers Buy Rings Back?

key jewelers princess cut engagement ringWe all make many decisions every single day and no person is completely perfect, which means it is perfectly normal to make a mistake when an important decision has to be made. When it comes to buying a piece of jewelry, many people have found that they purchase a ring, a bracelet or perhaps a pendant, and then later on decide that the particular piece of jewelry they have chosen is not really what they wanted. Thus, a very common question is whether a particular brand such a piece of jewelry was purchased from would buy the piece of jewelry back from the customer. In this post, we’ll look at whether a customer can get Kay Jewelers to buy their ring back, or another piece of jewelry.

With Kay Jewelers, the company will not actually buy back a ring or another piece of jewelry that a customer has purchased from them, but they do have some options available that does allow the customer to return their purchase and obtain another piece of jewelry that better fit their needs.

First of all, it is very important to note that when utilizing these options from Kay Jewelers, a customer should not expect to get their money back. No cash refunds or “buy backs” will be provided to a customer if they purchase a product of diamond and then later on decide that they are not interested in the particular diamond trend product they have purchased.

One reputable e-tailer that will offer your money back to you is James Allen Diamonds. Check them out to see why I tell everyone they must consider buying a diamond engagement ring from them before making a decision.

The brand does, however, offer a customer the ability to return their wedding ring or whatever type of jewelry material they have purchased, and obtain a trade-in or an exchange – the particular option that will be available to the customer depends on how long ago they have purchased the product from Kay Jewelers.

kay jewelers infinity diamond ringIf a customer has purchased a product from Kay Jewelers and decides to return in within 30 days, then they can exchange the product for a piece of jewelry with a similar value to what they paid for the ring upon purchase. If, however, the customer has waited for more than 30 days, then a trade-in will be conducted and the customer may not receive the same value for the jewelry as they paid when they initially purchased it from Kay Jewelers.

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