Does Jared Jewelry Finance?

jared engagement ringsEven though financing and credit are often seen as bad choices since this often incurs a lot of interest, administration charges and other costs that causes a person to pay a significantly higher price for a particular diamond product they would like to buy. There are some cases where opting for credit can be a very bad choice, but, in some cases, financing becomes the only option for a person to afford a certain product they need. With jewelry, financing is often preferred since jewelry can be extremely expensive, and let’s face it – there’s no magic in a proposal if you do not have an impressive engagement ring to offer your partner. Jared offers a jewelry financing options option that is not only affordable, but also offer flexible repayment options that makes expensive piece of affordable jewelry set to the general public.

With financing from Jared, a customer can obtain a special credit card that comes loaded with a certain amount of credit. The credit card can then be used to buy jewelry from Jared – either by accessing their website and using the credit card information on their website or by visiting one of their local stores and using the credit card in the store.

jared wedding ringJared has partnered up with multiple financial providers to bring their customer’s more flexible options. The two most commonly utilized financial providers include Comenity Bank and Genesis. The particular financial institution that will be used for a customer’s credit application depends on their current financial status, their credit score and the amount of credit they require for their purchase.

Once approved, a customer is presented with the credit card, which they can start using immediately. It is important to note that Jared requires a customer to make a minimal purchase on the card provided to them within a certain number of days after the card has been issued. The company also requires a customer to make monthly installments. Each institute will shave their own terms when it comes to the minimum monthly installment.

Financing options from Jared offer flexible repayment plans. Customers can choose between a 12 or 18-month repayment period when they make a purchase with their Jared credit card.

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