Does James Allen Charge Sales Tax?

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SHORT ANSWER: It depends on what state you live in. Read the list of states that will charge sales tax here.

Diamonds cost a lot of money. This is something any person who has purchased a diamond before can attest to. Even a relatively small diamond can easily reach over $2,000. This most often does not even include the price of the jewelry’s setting where the diamond will be fitted in. For many people, this is an investment that they will have to pay off over an extended period of time. For these reasons, a lot of people ask whether a particular diamond company they are interested in buying from would be charging sales tax on an order they place. With James Allen, some customers will be required to pay sales tax on their order, but this only applied to some customers.

Sales tax laws tend to defer from one country to another. Within the United States, the law surrounding sales tax is often somewhat confusing. Instead of being divided by country, sales tax laws are divided amongst the many states that make up the United States. For this reason, it is important to consider these laws when trying to determine whether sales tax might be charged when a customer orders diamonds or fine diamond jewelry from James Allen.

diamond ringWhen shopping for a diamonds or jewelry online from James Allen brand, customers may be charged sales tax on the total amount their order calculates to. Sales tax are applied to the order’s total of customers who choose to have their jewelry delivered to particular states in the United States. If a customer’s order needs to be shipped to either New York or Maryland, then James Allen is, by law, required to add additional sales tax to the customer’s order total.

Specific information on the amount of sales tax that will be charged is not declared by James Allen as this often tend to vary from order to order. Generally, a customer should be prepared to pay a certain percentage of their order’s value as sales tax are usually charged at a percentage. The sales tax will be payable during the ordering process and the customer will not be able to pay it later on.

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